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  1. Belgium - Euro 2016

    What formation are you playing in usually?
  2. Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    I kinda get where you're coming from. Was evacuated from a Disneyland Hotel at night, couple of weeks ago. Security blokes only spoke French, which made it difficult to understand what was going on, and added to the confusion of a lot of folks. In retrospect it was kinda funny, lots of people were still wearing/carrying their Disney gadgets, like Mickey Mouse ears. Very bizarre scenes actually.
  3. Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Yeah poor showing from my club Feyenoord that. Both insiders of Feyenoord and Chong himself confirm that he left because we did not have a proper plan for his future (aside from the attractiveness of playing for United obviously). A point of criticism more youth players (and potential youth players) have had lately. Gutted that we've lost him, but fair play to United, hopefully he'll perform well for you in the future!
  4. Vertonghen inconsistent?

    The mistakes he makes in my game are usually of a defensive kind, such poor marking when the opponent crosses the ball. But you raise a good point, maybe I'm just using him wrongly somehow, or in a way that doesn't fit the team.
  5. Vertonghen inconsistent?

    Good evening all! I started playing as Spurs last night. So far so good. I just have one observation that is bothering me. Jan Vertonghen seems to be playing very inconsistently. I am playing him as a DC (left side), Ball Playing Defender (defend). His role ability is 3,5 stars and the Role/Duty/Suitability bar is completely full. He is paired with Alderweireld, who plays as DC, Central Defender (defend). He seems to be struggling with his performances. Not only generally, but also during matches themselves. His average rating is 7.14 and his form (last five games) is 7.12, which seems to be fine, except for the fact that when I watch the matches, he actually seems to be quite prone to making errors and during large parts of the game his rating is around 6.3 (in contrast with the rest of the first eleven, which are usually above 7.0 on average throughout the game). It's not until the last +/- 10 minutes when his rating sort of catches up to the rest of the team. Which leads me to the following question: Is this just some weird characteristic of the rating system? Is he genuinely inconsistent (which would sort of make sense, as I personally find him quite inconstistent IRL at times as well)? Or am I playing him in a wrong role/position/duty? I know perfectly well that there is a consistency stat in the database, but I do not want to look it up!
  6. Bug or Critical Stupidity?

    This. I let my scouts tell me what the asking price of other clubs would be for a similar player. That usually gives me somewhat of a clue of how much I can ask for a player.
  7. Bug or Critical Stupidity?

    I honestly don't think I have ever used the value stat for anyhting. It is indeed quite a useless stat imho.
  8. Alliteration Adjectives

    I've seen news articles with things like: Amazing Arsenal, Six for Spurs (after a 6-1 victory), Mesmerizing Manchester, things like that. Is doesn't happen very often. Usually happens after big wins. But I've certainly seen it a couple of times.
  9. When starting a new safe, I often put in classic historic players as +/- 16 years olds at their real life starting clubs, with low current ability and very high potential ability, and with abilities and their characters largely based on my recollection of their abilities/mentality, and just look at how they develop. It is actually quite fun. Once I even created The Beatles. John Lennon was a right footed eccentric, slightly aggressive AMC, Paul McCartney a left footed (he is left handed) left winger that could basically play anywhere (high versatility, he is a multi-instrumentalist irl), George Harrison was an industrious DMC (I'm sorry, that's just how I think he looks), and Ringo Starr was a goalkeeper (drummers and goalies are both mad, let's be honest). Was quite fun actually, their characters in the game were actually quite close to their characters irl.
  10. Liverpool thread 2015/16 - Klopptomaniacs

    Saw the game last night. Iirc, Kane sort of dispossessed his opponent himself after a set piece, can't really say anyone assisted that goal I think.
  11. Let me start off by saying that this might just be an error I made while adjusting the settings of FM, so it might not be a bug. But: My version of FM2016 keeps booting up in the wrong resolution. I prefer full screen 3814 x 2160, but everytime I open up FM it starts with full screen 2048 x 1536. And even though I change the setting everytime from 2048 x 1536 to 3814 x 2160, everytime I boot up FM again it automatically starts in the smaller resolution. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong myself, or if there maybe is another piece of software (the Nvidia Geforce Experience maybe?) that causes this issue, or whether this is a bug in FM itself. But please help! Also, please let me know if you need further information. Thanks in advance! EDIT: I already solved it myself. Apparently, the Nvidia Geforce Experience software was telling FM to boot up in full screen 2048 x 1536, because it thought that that was the perfect resolution for my PC. No panic! Pretty weird though, as that resolution really sucks for my screen, haha.
  12. Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Yes, 'horny in front of the goal' is a typical Dutch expression.
  13. Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    If I may give my two cents as a non United supporter, but as Dutchman who has followed Van Gaals career quite closely. I think the post by Redshift is bang on. Throughout his career, Van Gaal has always made quite belittling remarks about the Premier League, saying that teams like Aston Villa would also battle for relegation in the Dutch Eredivisie. Which is absolute nonsense. I have the gut feeling that Van Gaal has completely underestimated the overall competitiveness of the entire Premier League. This is also illustrated by most of his signings. He seems to be convinced that young unexperienced players can adapt to the Premier League easily. Here in The Netherlands a lot of people were quite surprised that Van Gaal signed for United after being cynical about the Premier League so often during his career. In my humble opinion, Uniteds disappointing performances are largely down to his arrogance and stubborness.
  14. Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Very fair assessment I'd say.
  15. Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Saying this as a Dutchman: Van Gaal usually falls back into a routine of signing too many mediocre Dutch players when he works outside of the Netherlands. It looks as if he's restraining himself from that so far. Although it remains to be seen whether Blind and Depay (and maybe Cillessen in the future?) will be good enough for United of course.