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  1. Everton. Although I'm not a big fan of the club in real life, their squad and overall setup looks amazing for challenging the CL places in the PL.
  2. Sometimes, before I go to sleep, I pretend that as a manager I'm a guest at a famous Dutch TV football talkshow to discuss my tactical philosophies and general team matters. It's quite joyful.
  3. I have only one day of rest between a Europa League Quarter Final (thursday) and a Premier League Match (saturday afternoon). Is that normal? Bit harsh...
  4. You have to pay close attention to the calendar. For example: For the League Cup I only use unused first team players. So if there is a u23 match right before a League Cup game, I don't use any first team players for the U23's. Another example: If there are two or even three important matches within the same week (or one week and a half), and there is also a u23 game within that period, I don't use unused first team players for the U23's, otherwise I won't be able that much to rotate. But generally, I always let unused first team players play at least 20 minutes for u23 games. It makes them much more fit, and less likely to have injuries in the long run.
  5. Something else: When I want to see a match at the same day my team is playing, but at a completely different time, I get the message "You can't visit a match on the same day that your team is playing." Surely there exists TV in the fictional world of Football Manager?
  6. Why is there no 'Give a speech' option in the 'Quick Sub' window, but only in the Tactics window? This seems so strange and counter-intuitive to me. The 'Quick sub' window is the place to make subs!
  7. Exactly! This was my point. This seems so strange and counter-intiuitive to me.
  8. 'Hi Christian! Uhm yeah, about that testamonial of yours? You seem to be fit already, so I'm just going to leave you out for some youngsters hmmkay?' (in the voice of the boss guy from The Office Space)
  9. I once banged my desk so hard that my monitor fell off. That was the end of FM for a few weeks for me.
  10. I've been playing FM since CM2 Dutch/Spanish/Belgian leagues, but after FM15 (or so) I stopped playing FM for a few years. Now, just Friday I bought FM19 on a very good deal, and I'm very enthusiastic to start again. Can someone enlighten me as to the big changes of this years FM, compared to those of 3 or 4 years ago, and how to get used to the new interface and new aspects. For example, for the life of me I can't figure out where I can find a screen pre-match where I'm able to see a player's form (past five matches), select the squad, and select player role at the same time? In the squad screen I can select players and see their form, but not change their players role. On the pre-match squad screen, I can select players and choose the players role, but can't find an option to see their form. I have to switch between these two screens to setup my squad for a game the way I like. If someone has a tip, please enlighten me. Also, am I right in saying that when you use the 'make sub' button during the game, there is no option to give a speech, even though you are able to do so when you make a substition from the tactics screen during the match? Am I missing something? Thanks in advance for any help and advice!
  11. I know people that review professional audio products (like microphones, speakers, headphones, amps, etc.), as I have a history with audio engineering myself. They always tell me that when they write a negative review about a product, the manufacturer will just stop sending them products and goodies, making it more difficult for them to review products (at an early stage at least). When you don't want to be positive about a product, they just find reviewers who do. Since knowing that, I never take professional reviews too seriously. Having said that: I also know that customer reviews are often very unreliable as well. Especially when it comes to more complex products. Often, people that are negative about products are just too lazy to read manuals and don't even try to understand how the product works.
  12. What frustrated me about crossing in FM17 is how often crosses ended up at the first post and the goalie tapping it wide for a corner.
  13. There is a lot of scientific research that argues almost the opposite: that more innovation and progress is made when companies operating on the same market cooperate rather than compete. That's why companies operating in the same industry often tend to cluster: so that they can share suppliers, services, costs, and even technologies and information, often without even realizing it. Too much competition can lead to less innovation, and lower profits. I also know from personal experience that having too many competitors on the same market often leads to illegal cartels, illegal price agreements, and fraud. The real world economy is never as easy as the economy classes at school tought us. It's not just a matter of: more competition more better.
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