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  1. I know people that review professional audio products (like microphones, speakers, headphones, amps, etc.), as I have a history with audio engineering myself. They always tell me that when they write a negative review about a product, the manufacturer will just stop sending them products and goodies, making it more difficult for them to review products (at an early stage at least). When you don't want to be positive about a product, they just find reviewers who do. Since knowing that, I never take professional reviews too seriously. Having said that: I also know that customer reviews are often very unreliable as well. Especially when it comes to more complex products. Often, people that are negative about products are just too lazy to read manuals and don't even try to understand how the product works.
  2. What frustrated me about crossing in FM17 is how often crosses ended up at the first post and the goalie tapping it wide for a corner.
  3. There is a lot of scientific research that argues almost the opposite: that more innovation and progress is made when companies operating on the same market cooperate rather than compete. That's why companies operating in the same industry often tend to cluster: so that they can share suppliers, services, costs, and even technologies and information, often without even realizing it. Too much competition can lead to less innovation, and lower profits. I also know from personal experience that having too many competitors on the same market often leads to illegal cartels, illegal price agreements, and fraud. The real world economy is never as easy as the economy classes at school tought us. It's not just a matter of: more competition more better.
  4. Just to play devil's advocate: Don't you think that SI would change the way they develop the game if it would not be released yearly, but let's say every three years? E.g. focus more on larger, long term developments rather than focussing on tweaking smaller elements? That it would be a way different scenario than buying a game every three years that's released annually? It doesn't seem to be the same thing to me. I'm not saying that it would be a smart business model, just philsophizing here. N.b.: I don't know the first thing about software development.
  5. Agreed, having a DoF with high Judging Player attributes and using the recommend option makes looking for decent players so much easier.
  6. No problem mate! Looks like a bug yeah. Or a hidden, unknown option somewhere. Silly question: Have you tried simply picking another, unregistered goalkeeper for a game? Sometimes the most straightforward, stupid solution is the answer. EDIT: Might be a topic for the bug division of this forum?
  7. The rules he posted clearly state that goalkeepers can be swapped OUTSIDE the registration windows.
  8. I haven't played FM18 yet (waiting for my salary of this month before I buy), but are goalies still underrated? In FM17 I could never get a goalie above a season average of about 6.85. Even with massive amounts of clean sheets. Same in earlier versions.
  9. I agree. I've never been a huge fan of the introduction of the player roles in the tactics system. As you probably understood by now. But hey, to each his own.
  10. Quoted for truth is the phrase I believe? FIFA has been the same game under the hood for nearly ten years. And EA make a lot more money than SI do, and have a comparable competitor. The same thing can be said about games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, FarCry, and Assassin's Creed. Those games don't really change that much either, just the settings mostly. Maybe an extra online mode here and there. Besides: game series that do go through enormous changes between different editions often receive enormous criticism from their fanbase. Take Civilization VI for example. A lot of Civ fans went back to playing Civ V out of spite and disappointment.
  11. I haven't played FM18 yet, but the fact is that in FM17 player role is still pre-defined by tactical instructions and not by the style of the player himself. FM17 is the exact opposite of what I mean. In the tactics screen you as a manager define the player role of each position, but to me that's the opposite of how it should work. The player you pick for a position should define the way that position is being performed, as each player has his own style. It shouldn't be a tactical instruction as the way it is in FM17. Player role should be a player's natural style, not a tactical instruction on the tactics screen.
  12. I actually think that, yes, the game does tend to overcomplicate things. I have always had the belief that player roles should be the description of the style of a player, not a tactical instruction as it is now. To make a long story short: imho the player role should be defined by which player I pick for that position. It shouldn't be the case that I first define the role and then pick the player as it is now. That really seems counter-intuitive to me. Example: Say I'm managing Bayern Munich and use a formation with a AMR, and I have Arjen Robben and Thomas Müller for that position. As the game works now, I can pre-define which player role should be assigned for that position. Let's say I go with the player role 'winger'. Now no matter if I pick Müller or Robben, they will always try to play as a winger for the most part. That seems so weird to me, as everybody knows that IRL Müller and Robben would play completely different when picked in that position. I really think it should be the other way around. I think it should work in such a way that when I pick Robben as a AMR, the player role should automatically become Inside Forward, because that's just his style. Raumdeuter in the case of Müller. This would make so much more sense, and would make the game so much easier to understand. And if you want to change the way a player plays the position slightly, you can still use individual instructions if necessary.
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