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  1. Yea it seemed to click at the end. Still had a few problems against very defensive teams, but that only amounted to like 1 loss and a few draws during the whole season. So I thought it wasn't all that important in the grand schemes of things. But I want to thank for the tips and "thought exercises". It really helped me look the tactical side of the game in a different light.
  2. 1. When going forward in attack I noticed 2 types of attacks. One is that the engine room midfield takes hold and control of the ball. They have 2 choices in distributing the ball. a) Use the FB - DLP - CAR combination to work the ball for the IF(At). After that the IF(At) has the individual skill to either dribble past his defenders or he will have a chance to pass back to the supporting FB or CAR. b) WB(At) and IF(Su) combination creates a interesting mix where the IF(Su) receives a long ball from DLP or CD(De) he will hold the ball allowing a overlap by my WB(At). The WB will run
  3. UPDATE! So trying to patch quickly some of the most glaring weaknesses in my tactic I came up with this. Better results against defending teams, but the new bogeyman is 5-4-1 Ultra defence by Atalanta and AC Milan. Anyways back to the tactic. I upped the tempo and directness by 1 point each. I thought to myself that the quality my players possess should give them the tools to dominate weaker teams in Serie A. Forcing them In Posession to do exactly everything I want might limit them. I felt that it gives way more Key Passes to my Central Midfielders the CAR and DLP. The s
  4. Thank you for all the responses! Ok lets get down to this. This season I wanted to aim for more Posession controlling game where I don't aimlessly run for 90 minutes of the game. Last season I ran a Klopp style Ultra Tempo with very high LoE. That got me into trouble in the latter part of the season when trying to win the league/cup/CL as Juventus. I want to dominate my opposition really show them that we are the top team in Italy. I looked at my squad and figured out that my Central Midfielders were top quality in a lot of areas and especially in passing. My strikers are not ver
  5. Hello! Currently playing with Juventus and having a hard time scoring in especially in Away fixtures. Sometimes I completely trash the enemy team like 5-0, but most of the time it goes 0-0 or 1-1. Most of my Shots go Off Target or the players just blast it in the keepers hands. The opposition likes to sit back and hold a lot of people in and around the box. Any help you guys can give is much appreciated.
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