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  1. Yea it seemed to click at the end. Still had a few problems against very defensive teams, but that only amounted to like 1 loss and a few draws during the whole season. So I thought it wasn't all that important in the grand schemes of things. But I want to thank for the tips and "thought exercises". It really helped me look the tactical side of the game in a different light.
  2. 1. When going forward in attack I noticed 2 types of attacks. One is that the engine room midfield takes hold and control of the ball. They have 2 choices in distributing the ball. a) Use the FB - DLP - CAR combination to work the ball for the IF(At). After that the IF(At) has the individual skill to either dribble past his defenders or he will have a chance to pass back to the supporting FB or CAR. b) WB(At) and IF(Su) combination creates a interesting mix where the IF(Su) receives a long ball from DLP or CD(De) he will hold the ball allowing a overlap by my WB(At). The WB will run with the ball into the corner area. There he has options in trying to Dribble/Cross past the Fullback defending or pass the ball for the IF(Su). The combination of IF and WB creates space for the CM(At) to attack the box. He will try to move inside the box or attempt a Long Shot. The DLF(Su) sometimes seem like he doesn't do anything meaningful on the pitch, but watching the match he is always marked by 2 central defenders allowing his team mates to work the ball with more space. His good passing ability comes in handy in counter usually passing the ball from the midfield for the Inside Forwards. Both my wingers are set to Inside Forwards as they lack good Crossing skills and the only target would be my lone ST with lacklustre aerial ability. My crosses mainly come from the FB and WB. 2. I think I somewhat answered that already? 3. In Defence I have essentially 3 defenders as the WB(At) might be caught too far away in a counter. Although he does track back very fast with a good work rate. The right IF is on support duty in order to have him sit a bit deeper. He has decent defensive stats in tackling and in a lot of situation defends the right flank. I also have the DLP on defence duty to help the defence on counters. The midfield tries to counter press the opposition and win the ball. We don't often score more than 2 goals, but aside from a couple of hiccups this tactic seems to be very solid at the back. (I also want to hype that we won the Champions League and were able to shut down the worlds most valuable striker in the Finals)
  3. UPDATE! So trying to patch quickly some of the most glaring weaknesses in my tactic I came up with this. Better results against defending teams, but the new bogeyman is 5-4-1 Ultra defence by Atalanta and AC Milan. Anyways back to the tactic. I upped the tempo and directness by 1 point each. I thought to myself that the quality my players possess should give them the tools to dominate weaker teams in Serie A. Forcing them In Posession to do exactly everything I want might limit them. I felt that it gives way more Key Passes to my Central Midfielders the CAR and DLP. The solo striker is now on Support duty as it felt like he was marked by 2-3 players in every match. This should open up more space for the other attacking players to move and create chances. (I even managed to get a few Clear Cut chances in matches).
  4. Thank you for all the responses! Ok lets get down to this. This season I wanted to aim for more Posession controlling game where I don't aimlessly run for 90 minutes of the game. Last season I ran a Klopp style Ultra Tempo with very high LoE. That got me into trouble in the latter part of the season when trying to win the league/cup/CL as Juventus. I want to dominate my opposition really show them that we are the top team in Italy. I looked at my squad and figured out that my Central Midfielders were top quality in a lot of areas and especially in passing. My strikers are not very fast, but have good finnishing/mental/passing attributes. FB/WB are very good at their job, but not the most reliable crosser. Now that you said this I have seen a disjointed part of the tactic. My Central Midfielders control the ball very well beating any press that the AI is trying to do. Then suddenly someone just tries to long pass the ball into the opposition corner to my Winger. Naturally this often leads to loss of posession. PS. I just read the role and pair guide here on the forum and have a tiny bit better understanding of not just putting attackers on attack duty. I still feel like I could use some help
  5. Hello! Currently playing with Juventus and having a hard time scoring in especially in Away fixtures. Sometimes I completely trash the enemy team like 5-0, but most of the time it goes 0-0 or 1-1. Most of my Shots go Off Target or the players just blast it in the keepers hands. The opposition likes to sit back and hold a lot of people in and around the box. Any help you guys can give is much appreciated.
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