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  1. Is Meunier likely to keep his place at full back for the next match?
  2. Would any Liverpool fans take Torres back if he wanted to return? Even at a cut price?
  3. Anyone tried Fulham? Is there a Fulham thread?
  4. Started a new game on the 10.2 patch for one last go at FM12. Can't sign anyone which is quite frustrating but have had a good pre-season despite loads of injuries. Hopefully the financial situation improves ahead of season 2 so some players can be purchased as some of the older players' contracts expire at the end of the first season.
  5. Will Giroud & Podolski be fit in time to start the start of the season?
  6. What is our squad looking like for the European game against FC Gomel? No Carroll, Suarez, Bellamy or Borini (?) upfront - who will fill the void upfront?!
  7. Can't believe we missed out on the likes of Junior Hoilett? Would have been a good signing.
  8. Brilliant updates Llew. What tactics are using mate? Also, what player instructions? Must say the updates look very professional; I enjoy reading them.
  9. Thanks for clearing that one up for me mate! Currently playing Suarez on the right. Appreciate your help, thanks!
  10. Playing with 4-4-2 in pre season. What role should I be using with Suarez up top alongside Carroll though? Carroll himself is playing very well as TM on Attack duty whilst Suarez hasn't been performing great as Advanced Forward. Not too sure what role to put him tbh so i thought i'd come on here and ask the experts! Btw does anyone know how to add leagues in game, if you can do that even? Really enjoying the demo though, it looks brilliant.
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