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    Belgium - Euro 2016

    Is Meunier likely to keep his place at full back for the next match?

    OTF student thread

    So when does everyone start back then? 23rd September here

    OTF student thread

    Congratulations. Anyone else going back into final year in September? Going to be one busy year anyways.

    OTF Health and Medication Thread

    I took this a couple of years ago. Have had it on and off since but not just so recently. I first took it standing at a bus stop. Never felt pain like it in my life before. Honestly thought I was having a heart attack. Really struggled to breath etc. Went to the doctor and he told me it was inflammation of the ribs and is aggravated in colder weather but he gave me tablets which helped. Not pleasant in the slightest, certainly scary when it happens. Hope your GF recovers/improves from it ham.

    Liverpool Thread 2012/13

    Would any Liverpool fans take Torres back if he wanted to return? Even at a cut price?

    FM13 What team should I be!

    Anyone tried Fulham? Is there a Fulham thread?

    The Singles Thread - Getting people laid since 2008.

    Appreciate the advice chaps. I like her, and want to get to know her/speak to her, but don't want to come across as a creep who is following her (which I am trying to , but to get to know her in a friendly way and not for wrong reasons:D) Will try and give it another go next week. As one of you said there, what's the worst that could happen, she might not reply.

    The Singles Thread - Getting people laid since 2008.

    Anyone any advice on how to break the ice to start off with? I'm nearly certain she doesn't remember me from our primary school. She just travels from my town into the city a couple of days a week I notice, which is a long journey. In my head I think frig it and just go for it and if she doesn't respond/reply then I'll atleast know she doesn't like me because she's an attractive girl, and she thinks I'm a weirdo. But , when the opportunity arises like this morning I bottled it/froze etc. Appreciate the help chaps.

    The Singles Thread - Getting people laid since 2008.

    Yeah you are probably right, good advice mate. So cross I bottled it this morning though. Was the perfect opportunity too.

    The Singles Thread - Getting people laid since 2008.

    Completely bottled it this morning. Hot girl I've been trying to spark conversation with, got on the bus in front of me and I sat down on the seat behind her. I noticed she was watching me though, but maybe that was because I was watching her and she was thinking who is this creep?!. Then, this is the worst part, I went in to the cafe in the bus centre at the end of the journey this morning. Was quite busy. Went to find a seat and there was one free small table in the corner..... beside her! Looked quite a tight space also so could have been awkward. She caught me looking also and my face went a bright shade of beetrot so I quickly got off the scene and left the cafe. Really embarrassing. Was my chance though Didn't want to be too creepy and her think I was following her though. Hard to explain. Really bottled it though. She only gets the bus now 2 days a week so I really need to take the next opportunity. So frustrating. On the plus side, atleast I know she goes in to that cafe at the bus centre now though. Anyone any advice? (other than destroy her)

    The Singles Thread - Getting people laid since 2008.

    Thanks for the advice man - good advice. Makes a change from 'destroy her.'

    The Singles Thread - Getting people laid since 2008.

    Bad news - girl didn't get my bus on Fri past so will have to try and make a move on Tues morning. Going to be tricky though as she sits in her parents car til bus arrives at stop. Remember her from primary school and used to hang around with her but haven't seen her for years. Unfortunate thing for me is that she's probably forgotten. She's a really pretty/nice girl. Will try some 'Christmas conversation' - surely she'd like that? :O Hope she responds or I'll be standing there talking to myself like an idiot!

    The Singles Thread - Getting people laid since 2008.

    Waiting in her parents car til the bus arrives. Means less chance of me being able to try and chat to her on Fri morning now. doomed

    The Singles Thread - Getting people laid since 2008.

    As in take the time to listen to them and be sympathetic? Must try this. Though would help for a start if I could even speak to this girl I've been trying to speak to at bus stop.

    The Singles Thread - Getting people laid since 2008.

    Didn't go so well this morning with the girl I've been trying to get the right opportunity to speak to. Wondered where she was as I was getting on the bus and then she was 2 behind me in the queue and it was too late as I had sat down and she sat elsewhere. Don't know what I'll try on Friday when she gets it again as she sits in the car til the bus arrives at our stop in the morning, whereas I'd stand at the stop. Once we get to the last stop though as everyone gets off I could try and pluck up the courage ... this is a disaster I'll probably never end up getting to chat to her. doomed