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  1. I think it's called dominating the league when 15 of your players are in the top 17 for average rating for the league...
  2. Also, I think that the game thinks that I like to sign young players...
  3. Quite the transfer. Liverpool paying 219 M€ for a top striker. He looks great, but I hope the game understands why I refuse bids of 45 M€ for Luciano Leon (provided for comparison).
  4. I have faith! I think you'll be able to get a result against Lyon (the French league can be certainly uninspired at times), so I'm not counting Sestao out just yet!
  5. Season 15 - 2035-2036 | One more for the road After 3 Champions League titles in 4 years, GOSK Dubrovnik was on top of the European standings and looking to maintain that position of dominance. However, by the end of the season and because of a bit of congestion at both the striker role and with the non-EU slots, Fernando Menéndez ended up the season really unhappy. He takes the relay from Luciano Leon who was pouting because I turned down offers of ~45M€ for him from Chelsea, Man City and Barcelona. He eventually realized that he liked it here, but he's not going anywhere under 150 M€...
  6. Great season, Biscotti! Looking forward how you are going to fare in the Champions Cup, coming from one of the larger leagues!
  7. Wow, what a way to continue the legacy at Pleven! I'm trying to get them as a feeder club for the lolz (because that's the level of clubs at which my owner wants to send our players), but they keep not showing up. Oh, I looked again and he was downgraded to Icon and Menéndez is up there in the Legend section with Leon Sipos, deservedly so. I guess I'll make sure to play him a bit more and get him back to the Legends status!
  8. Season 14 - 2034-2035 | Going for the top of Europe After a rather disappointing exit in the Champions League last year, GOSK Dubrovnik was back with a vengeance. Now ranked second in Europe, the goal was now to make it to the top of Europe, getting in front of Liverpool, after 4 titles in the last 8 years and a couple of second places. Champions League It's a bit strange to say that, but at this stage of the game, a group with Borusssia Dortmund, Real San Sebastian and PSV Eindoven doesn't scare GOSK Dubrovnik the least. We did come out on top, but after a
  9. Fun update. Campobasso was promoted to Serie C this year in real life! They have received investments from an American owner this year too. Now, if they could just sign a young Spaniard named Mariano, we'd come full circle! Forza Lupi!
  10. Season 13 - 2033-2034 | Third time is the charm? Coming back from a second Champions League title in two years, GOSK Dubrovnik was flying high. A new stadium (recently expanded to 8536 seats), recognized as the 4th best European club in the coefficient list, we were aiming to do it again. Croatian First League We went on a very long win streak, drawing our first match on November 27th, a disappointing 1-1 performance from a heavily rotated squad against Rijeka in the middle of Champions League group matches. Then, all wins until February 18th, when we went on a slump, l
  11. Join the fun. @rlipscombe can chime in on the actual rules, but anyways, by the time you reach the top flights, it's generally all regens anyway and you'll have Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barcelona squeaking like vultures around your wonderkids anyway.
  12. How would you train this guy...? He has loads of potential, has been scoring on a very regular basis this season in a rotation option. I love his mental stats (Anticipation, Flair and Off the Ball!) as well as the acceleration and dribbling to match.
  13. Thanks! You've been doing great in Bulgaria too, really going to the top of the world! Regarding Matas, he is indeed a joy to watch, somehow always coming strong in key moments. Generally, he's been sprinting past defenders and receiving passes from everywhere, controlling it with his chest, both feet or sometimes just volleying it directly behind the keeper. I also got him new friends to play with... Joao Felix available on a free transfer and willing to sign with us for a year? I won't say no to that, even if he's 33 now. And Luciano Leon, a young regen from R
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