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  1. Last time I checked, we were at 9th place, but in my save, I’m a few days from the updated rankings, so we’ll see soon enough. If that’s true, I’d be stoked as 6th place give automatically 2 spots in the CL group stages, so that eases the pressure on the league performance quite a bit.
  2. Thanks for the explanation. I’ll have to double-check as I don’t remember that the league was that high in the standings. Oh well, all for the better if that’s the case though!
  3. Also, interesting detail that I forgot yesterday, Dinamo was seeded 1st in the CL Group draw. I don't know if it's because they had won the league the year before, but I hope the same happens to us this year!
  4. Thanks! I feel we're getting in the land of "it might be achievable", but we still have long ways to go, as we can see from our PSG beating. At the same time, I'm not sure I can reasonably expect 50 goal seasons on a consistent basis by my top striker, be it Matas or anyone else in the future. I corrected the points vs. Hajduk/Dinamo, it was getting late yesterday night...!
  5. Season 8 - 2028-2029 | Ending Dinamo's dominance Squad | Transfers We've been progressing swiftly. Second last year again in the league, but with lots of draws. but we had been steadily gaining places in each of our seasons in the First League, there was only one spot left... A second place got us qualified for the Champions Cup League Path again, but I had the hopes of qualifying for the group stages again after last year's surprise result. As a reminder, here are the goals I had set for ourselves at the end of last season. Goals for this season: Get more depth in defen
  6. One thing to note in Croatian football is that there is no prize money for league finish, contrary to what I've seen in Italy where I managed last year. This "somewhat" levels the playing field in the sense that it's harder for a given team to snowball away. That being said, Dinamo has been the prime side in Croatian football for the better part of the last 3 decades as you can see... Over the last few years, they've been consistently getting hammered in the Champions League Group stage. This year is the first year they've finished above 4th, in a whooping 3rd place. They've been getting
  7. So this just happened. And this is why this is such a big deal to me. Full report coming soon.
  8. 6 matches left. I'm ahead of Dinamo on goal difference. Nailbiter finish to the season. Time to unleash Daniel Matas.
  9. At least the team wants to keep him around too. Liverpool came in with a bid of roughly 7.5 M€, which is actually lower than his actual value. And yes, he's having a ri-donk-ulous first half of the season and I don't expect to keep him around for much longer. He is hte leading scorer in the CHampions leagues by 5 goals. Scoop, we qualified for the First Knockout Round, notably because of his great performances. More to come in the season report, I'm halfway there at the moment...! EDIT: I know you're better off at Dubrovnik, Daniel. The lovely view, the ol
  10. I'm able to fine players now, so I expect that I'll get prompted with a Code of Conduit at the start of next season. cracks whip
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