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  1. Getting heads on back to this save. Full report coming in later...! Turns out that it finished with quite a stunner for a back-to-back win of the Champions League.
  2. Yeah, that's a pretty potent duo up front... 20 goals in 33 shots on target in 12 games.
  3. Hehe. I took a small break from the FM altogether, then tried to start a save in Spain, but didn't find the level of excitement that I had found in my Dubrovnik save, so I went back to it and I'll try to see how well I can do again for one more season!
  4. Congrats @aldojags! Amazing achievement, a nailbiter in the Final too.
  5. I kept my 4-3-1-2 system which is quite attacking in nature, but sometimes, depending on how fearful I was of the opponent, I dropped it to Balanced or even Cautious when on the road against a bigger side and it played out pretty well. Here is how I was generally set up, it doesn't stray very far from a standard Gegenpress. When I noticed that their defenders were on the somewhat low side, I added instructions to play long balls (a bit more direct and hit early crosses) so that Matas and Menéndez could find the empty spot behind the defence. As to continue playing this
  6. Thanks! Earlier in the save, I commented on how I thought everything went too well. Turns out that feeling never left and got through all the way to the end. I'm still pinching myself a bit that I got all the way up there in only 10 seasons. You're going to get there, I'm sure. One day, PAOK will try to loan your youngsters too.
  7. Season 11 - 2031-2032 | The Golden Team European Campaign Winning the league last year sent us directly to the group stages. It might not sound like much, but these 2-4 matches saved early on helps preserve the team for the league and ensure that they're in form when it matters. We were drawn in third seed, along with Juventus, Borussia Dortmund and Galatasaray. At this point, we were confident of getting good results against Galatasaray, figured out we'd match out pretty even with Dortmund and not be quite there for Juventus. A loss of 3-2 against Juventus in Torino in
  8. Season 11 - 2031-2032 | The Golden Team This update will be a bit special as we've reached the goal of the Challenge, which is to win the Champions League starting with a team which was just promoted to the lowest playable league in a country. Before jumping into looking at how it happened, I'd love to take a moment to acknowledge the team that did it and offer a bit of background of the main players in there. Some were highlighted in past updates, some weren't but they were all part of this journey. Let's take a quick look at Best Eleven for the year and overall.
  9. OMG. It happened. In a very dramatic fashion too. Recap coming shortly.
  10. Quick update on Champions League progression in 2031/2032. My objective 1 last year was "improve defence for real this time"... Who needs defence anyway, it's overrated. Menéndez and Matas up front form a great duo, can't wait to show them in more details to you
  11. This one is more of a UI complaint than anything else, but would it have been that much expensive to stretch the list of players when receiving news about international reports to actually see the whole list?
  12. Undefeated, but still second. Tough result. Still in the Champions League next season, though...!
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