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  1. We remember these things because we go back to play it? Not a totally vague concept I imagine.
  2. You know there is a 2d classic mode if things like fans in the stands are too "complex" for you...
  3. Still stuck with the 17 version only because every tactic is balanced (stupid gegeen press) 🙃
  4. I always end up going back to FM 17 with Claasen's mods fully loaded, such a treat
  5. Hard to argue with that, had very little complaints about this version of the M.E besides the overabundance of slide tackles and the match ratings, this version is pretty alright with me, good job
  6. What match engine do you think is the best? Explain why.
  7. We need dynamic potential and ability already, some RNG makes things spicier
  8. Not even talking about the graphics, we're talking about the flow of the game feeling natural until the "collision avoidance" being added in after 12 which in turn have seen players do some odd things over the years... 1. Players looking like they ice skate around the pitch 2. Most throw ins you make are going towards the opposing team 3. Heading being pretty useless 4. Defenders just kicking the ball out of the goal crease instead of trying to set up a counter attack in their own zone 5. (Have no real way of putting this one into words) But the "Ping-Ponging" effect where the ball is blasted and players are just smashing the ball against each other 6. Everyone being a sliding tackle expert on defense 7. Having a player in the attacking third running down the wing just to wait for the defender to catch up to him and then take a shot/pass which goes in for a corner or throw in etc. If you want to talk about which M.E looked great graphics wise then just load up 17 but no matter how nice a game looks seeing these things happen far too often for my liking can kill a bit of immersion, when SI overhauls the match engine to actually make our tactics translate on screen, balance out every formation and strategy (looking at you gegeen press and 3 strikers upfront) & maybe one day adds a collision system then sure why not but that is going to be quite a long time for that to ever happen.
  9. 12's still flows good (YES PLAYERS GHOST) but if you look closely they still do to this day.
  10. Hate to ask this but I know versions 19 through 21 have mods for a club overview for Japanese teams. Is there one for FM17? If so please message me personally since we can not discuss it on here
  11. You have saved this version of FM for me, reminds me of Classens work back in the day in 17 but you've increased it ten fold. SI NEEDS TO HIRE YOU!!!
  12. Make ratings based on performance with some added dynamics from game to game, month to month, year to year. Having it capped is unrealistic.
  13. Time to stick to 17 again, everyone mocked me once 21 came out but at least the match engine is the last one that actually plays like football, the patches killed this M.E
  14. FM 17 for the match engine & FM 12 for the perfect balance. Going back and forth between them is as hard as strikers scoring in 20/21
  15. Anyone else have strikers not really scoring? Lewandowski only managed 11 goals in 33 games at the Bundesliga...Messi with a whopping 17...what...
  16. Does anyone else ever play FM unemployed & just watch games with the A.I facing off against each other?
  17. This all looks very promising, as long as the toxic gegeen press is nerfed a bit further
  18. I just want teams for other countries to be just as successful every decade or so. Have Serie A dominate again like in the 90's, La Liga in the 2000's, or a competitive league like the Dutch league was at one time...VARIETY with reputations and financial inflation for these leagues
  19. Sounds like some good upside compared to last year already but Man U with who they have should be in shambles as they have been in recent years (not this year so far...) Either way 21 has been damn enjoyable.
  20. This is in regards to the Premier League as well, we know the TV money is huge in the Prem and over the course of the years English teams seem to reek havok due to the funds they collect. (M UNITED) There has to be some sort of inflation/deflation implemented into this game unless due to licensing & agreements make it somewhat impossible. (mods perhaps?) We all know Gegen Press is a tactic abused heavily on this form, could the conditioning fatigue factor be a bit more harsh in general to implement tactical/formation changes during the match? Just food for thought, cheers!
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