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  1. Hmmm.... something wierd just happened!! I have, like many, if not most, being fustrated with this game at times over the years. I will confess, I bought FM13, played it for a grand total of about 10 hours ( according to steam ) and just gave up. Now, to an outsider , playing a game for 10 hours, may constitute over indulgence on a huge scale. But, to the heavy user (refrain from the word addict ) .. its but a toke on your drug of choice. Looking back, I played Fm12 for over 2000 hours....omg freaking god! am I that sad? No.... I just loved it!.. FM13 ...Cannot express how deplorable it was. I looked at FM14...and looked.... and looked. I thought , it deserves another chance. of course. Well, I bought and I went over the edge... (metaphorically) in about 2 days...grrrr!!!. It nearly beat me. Sooo close. By pure happenstance, a few days ago, I stumbled across this thread. Don't ask me what I was looking for, because, I cannot remember. All I can say.. is Mr babbabooey, you deserve a knighthood! And the other dozen or so major contributors to the thread. Opened my eyes and made me totally re-evaluate my approach to the game. I read WWfans and Cleon's and any others guides, but just never made progress. Now!! The penny dropped...lol No offence to WWfan and Cleon...brilliant, but it needed for me an open dialogue.... which would have never happened without your contributions I have returned. I have spent the past 2 days....totally enjoying the game. Ok, I'm not winning everything... but...god damn!! I can see the light!! Thanks guys.....
  2. I'm in Australia atm and was able to purchase the pre-order via the Sega site with no problems at all at the $39.95USD price. I was half expecting to be locked out, but to my surprise, not an issue. Fingers crossed that all will be ok on launch day.
  3. It all sounds pretty good to me, can't wait for it. But, one thing is curious , about pre-ordering. If I pre-order on Steam , it'll cost me $89.99 AUD. wow!! But via the Sega page it says $39.95 USD (approx $39.00 AUD), saying you need a steam account (which I do have) . Why is there such a huge difference?? I know which option I'll be using.
  4. Because the playmaker box is ticked, for some reason the play is much more open without it ticked. The only thing I can think of, is that play is through the middle and the 2 MC's are getting the ball more frequently than most. As I said, when playing hard pressing opposition, they are very often getting caught in possession and losing the ball. Combine it the DMC often moving forward, the defense is exposed quickly. With the box unticked, the play tends to get spread more to the FBs, then back to MC's. Or forward to wide ST who are cutting inside. I'm not sure why this happens, but I certainly noticed the change in playing style. I tend to watch the entire match for a new tactic, for at least 10 to 12 games. I have noticed the change after I altered it, perhaps after 3 or 4 games. Just my observations within my game. Perhaps I have poor MC's ?
  5. I've found that the tactic works very well. Except if playing a stronger team who press hard and/or your playmaker is being tightly marked. If this happens, I found unticking the playmaker box helps somewhat. Also removing the DMC's forward runs in this situation , gives the midfield more options when going forward. It can be exposed to a quick long ball counter, but quick defenders help with this. I'm using an ordinary team, Vizela in Portugal. We have had success over the years (now in 2016/17) and achieved promotion to the Premier League, but we are very average team in the league. Was using Hough's tactics, but the midfield and full backs were exhausted and jaded by January/ February . Using this tactic, I'm in with a chance of a European place for next year, currently 5th with 4 games to go. But have to play both Porto and Sporting yet. Although I had beaten Benfica 2-0 when using this tactic, so, I quietly confident.
  6. From my somewhat limited experience with this, Ackter's description is correct. I think the players PA is transferred to the Staff attributes, but as with players potential, the whole "randomness" issue of a regen comes back into play. So whilst the potential might be there, the application and/or desire to achieve it may not be. I have had some rather average squad players turn out to be terrific coaches. And a world class player, turn into an ordinary scout.
  7. Just leave two empty spaces in your squad. SO select only 23 of the 25 . Then you will be able to move forward.
  8. Ok, my understanding is, if you have the game installed on your hard drive, you can download the Steam platform and register it with Steam. Then you can play within Steam an unlock the acheivements you have spoken of. BUT!!... I cannot be sure if you need to have the CD key to activate online with Steam. Perhaps others could answer that question?
  9. Manager Playing Career

    I think, once you select previous experience of "International Footballer" , it doesn't matter if you have 1 cap or 100 caps. The game perceives you as the same anyway. Personally, I've never selected that option myself. I always just use the "automatic" option. Although , on occasions , I've used the "Sunday League footballer" option just for fun. Makes things very interesting early on.
  10. Dynamic TV revenue?

    To cut a long story short, peanuts, I think?
  11. A player with pa 200

    Once had a star RB who dominated in Portugal. Then signed by Lyon for 25 million plus clauses at 21. Averaged 8.00+ for them. Out of curiousity , checked him out on FMRTE. Hmmm, at 23 (then) CA of 145 and PA of 154. Just goes to show, it's sometimes not all about PA's. Sometimes it's about abilities in their natural position.
  12. "Player development is a sham" I don't think so. I think your looking at it the wrong way. Your player, whilst young, has reached his potential, well almost. Many, if not most, players will not come close to their PA. And that's for various reasons from mentality right through to injury. Training facilities are only a small part of the big picture. Look at it this way, your player has done well and as all humans have, he has an innate natural limitation. Which can be slightly varied through life skills and experiences. But not varied in any significant way. Your example of of the school teacher is a good one. Let's say you are a student with a PA of 150. And say your learning maths. If you studied on your own with good resources you might only achieve a max CA of 100, due to whatever, stubborness, laziness, poor reading skills ... etc. But, with the teacher, you might reach 125. Then maybe you get a tutor, you might reach 140. To reach 150, it just comes down to experience and life skills. Yes, perhaps the idea of a fixed PA is unnatural in real terms, but it is a game and the game needs to create an artificial development pathway . Artificial being the key word. Sure the fixed PA is not perfect, but I seriously doubt a dynamic PA would help overall. In fact, I think while it would solve your problem, it would create a myriad of new problems.
  13. Help needed

    Of no help to you, but often I see results of another nations' triallists game result. At the moment playing in Portugal, but would have liked the chance to "view" or scout the Spain triallist or the French triallist matches as well. But, like you could not find a way to see or review the information from the match.
  14. Hmmmmm ?? If you have to ask, then you already know the answer, don't you? But, I'm curious as to why you title this thread as a "revolutionary" idea? I mean, anyone can use an editor. Nothing revolutionary here at all.
  15. I had not experienced this until just recently. Played a Champions League Semi final against Valencia. In Valencia, the middle of April.... and you guessed it! Snow! I'd be surprised if it has ever snowed in Valencia at all, let alone in the middle of spring.