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  1. SS is sort of a striker lol... BTW is get in tackling by default or should be turn off as and when??? 7 yellow cards the first time i used it lol...
  2. my understanding of tight marking only applies / activates when you assign man marking, it doesn't zonal mark "tightly" correct me if i'm wrong. cheers!
  3. Fullback: Full-time at the back Wingback: Stay back of winger
  4. can i ask why do you use F9 for most of your tactics? what about DLP? i have not played enough to give my opinions, but in general most forwards aren't F9 at natural.
  5. what are the effects/changes of playing SS to F9?
  6. counter is counter productive... any fast tempo tactics breaks and atk aka counters
  7. i conceded 2 counter atk goals, same crossing and header goal. what exactly is the "crossing bug" that i' have been floating around.
  8. i have yet to have enough games to fine tune mine, but for a start itz kind of extreme cases for me to analysis what really went wrong.
  9. as much as i love to play 442, its never consistent as the match engine is extremely bias against it
  10. how ineffective is playing AML winger on ML winger? i'm playing conservative old school 442
  11. your tactics works dispite ur lousy team talk lol...
  12. Jedi5diah

    TTB vs Crossing

    Thx for replying, i totally agree with what you have posted, it makes sense. It is just that there are many posts that don't make sense stating TTB works better regardless of what you have said. I guess this is the match engine or maybe a flaw to exploit?
  13. i saw quite a few posting on "...ttb's instead of crossballs..." my own understanding TTB is a passing that opens up a defence, usually a long telling ball to your strikers. Crossing is a "pass" that go across the box (low/high) for your central players to convert into goals. If setting your wingers to TTB often and crossing rarely does a better job, then they are no longer call wingers. Because they are suppose to cross. Anyone has a better understanding or explaination of TTB works better than Crossing? Thx!
  14. Jedi5diah

    AI at it's best

    itz not about moaning here, if you seen the goal in the match view, you will realise that it is incredible. my GK must be star gazing lol... it is my first time a gk scored against me. anyone else have a gk scored or against them? kindly share it. cheers!