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  1. I'm afraid I've not done the tests from the base database, but continued to build my own edited database as I went along; as you can see from the a couple of the screenshots I previously uploaded, I've made over 105,000 changes to this database including player histories, player stats, staff changes, players to different clubs etc. The majority of this I had already done before I tried to tackle the 'II team' dilemma. For example, I have edited every player history in Serie A, Bundesliga & the majority of Bundesliga 2, Eredivisie, Ligue 1 & 2, some of the Premier league, so
  2. Each league has a financial bonus for final league position; Could you not simply edit this to have a negative value?
  3. Finally.... Russia: Confirmed to work That's all the leagues I load; 100% success for this method
  4. Ukraine: Confirmed to work (you may want to swap out some II teams from the Ukrainian 3rd divisions to avoid them getting promoted and pissing you off by their presence) Romania: Confirmed to work (you may want to swap out the II teams from the Liga III Serie I-V divisions so none of them get promoted and **** you off in future)
  5. Switzerland: Confirmed to work (The clubs will begin again with new u21 teams; However they will not be a distinct entity and no longer appear on player career tab. Removing original u21 teams will require you to repopulate the U18 (17) division. Portugal: Confirmed to work (If you choose to remove the u23s then you will need to repopulate the u23 league) I'm calling it a day: 100% success thus far.
  6. I've now completed the majority of my testing of this solution; All tests for 5 in-game years Austria: Confirmed to work Croatia: Confirmed to work Czech Rep: Confirmed to work Denmark: Confirmed to work France: Confirmed to work Germany: Confirmed to work Holland: Confirmed to work (although cannot make Jong teams extinct as they are required to compete in a Reserve league, doing so will leave you unable to add Holland in-game; They can be removed as affiliate clubs however and from Dutch 2nd division) Hungary: Confirmed to work Norway: Confirmed
  7. With the current solution you are left with one B Team/II team per country; However I suspect if you set the initial parent club as a lower division team (out with the playable leagues) as well as the feeder club (albeit in a different league; ideally one where they wont come in to contact with one another) I suspect you could eliminate the B teams/II teams from playable game entirely.
  8. From past experience, setting a team as extinct will remove all affiliations so I suspect it would negate this method.
  9. Confirmed to work in problematic Spain. Using the same method (except using B team instead of II team when choosing affiliation type). I chose Fuenlabrada as my first parent club and 'Arcos' from the lower leagues as the B team. Subsequently added Arcos as the B team for every team in LaLiga. As before only Fuenlabrada (having been chosen first) show as having a B team in-game and use it as such (still only stated as a 'mutually beneficial relationship' on the affiliates tab). Tested in-game for 3 years and no new creation of B teams from any team in LaLiga. I do believe this is a un
  10. I suspect it will; as this is essentially tricking the game in to not creating new clubs by making them think they already have one present. I am going to test Spain just now.
  11. SOLUTION FOUND! High-Quality autism incoming. It would appear that I've finally managed to remove II clubs from the visible aspects of the game (In Germany at least) ! I suspect this solution would also work for B clubs/2 clubs in any country but have not tested as yet. On top of making all II clubs 'extinct' and cancelling their respective affiliations with their parent clubs (and swapping them out of any playable divisions just so I never had to see them again)..... my idea was to choose one club in the lower divisions and make them the II club affiliate for every team
  12. I do have one crazy idea, the editor seemingly allows it, but I fear it may in fact be game breaking; I think I will pick one club from the lower division 'SCC Berlin' and make them the II club for....every single teams in Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2 and 3. Liga. If the game actually runs, my hope is that this will either a) bug out the teams and they will generally ignore their II team (small hope I know) or more likely that the squad of SSC Berlin will fill up with 1-2 players from all the teams and the vast majority will never see a II team. It also may be the case that SSC Berlin ju
  13. When I first made the II clubs extinct, I replaced all the II teams with teams from 'German lower division' in the hope that the II clubs would simply disappear from the visible aspects of the game. I initially only did that because Bayern II were in the playable 3rd division and I was concerned they would rise up the ranks and I'd end up with two Bayerns; however upon inspection all the other II teams seemed to be in the "Regionalliga" lower divisions so I thought I should get rid of them too by replacing them with teams from unspecified divisions, so there was little to no chance any would e
  14. I also tried another suggestion which people had said worked for them (In Germany at least); Keeping the II teams active but changing the relationship to a feeder club; After testing the clubs will simply create another II club, and you'll end up having duplicate affiliates (very similar or same name & same badge etc) as both feeder and II clubs. As for changing the II clubs to lower league teams, I suspect it could potentially cause havoc with the league structure in the longer run.
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