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  1. Belamorte

    Dynamic rivalries?

    As Hull City, Man City has become a competitive rival, but still no fierce rivals in the year 2027.
  2. Belamorte

    Coaches too many? bug?

    Coaches anyone? Not sure if there are any left because I seem to have them all http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=567715713
  3. Belamorte

    Coaches too many? bug?

    Just for fun I asked for more coaches and scouts I am now allowed 37 regualr team coaches, 25 scouts as well as all the others I am also allowed.
  4. Belamorte

    Coaches too many? bug?

    X-Post from bugs forum in case someone reads it here... Heeh, I have my Assistant doing the coaches hiring and firing and I he is just poaching all the top coaches from the top teams. I cant even imagine what they all do. I also have a transfer budget of $219+mil(USD) and payroll of $233mil (USD). I dont know what I did but I think something is fairly wrong.
  5. Belamorte

    Coaches too many? bug?

    Ok, thanks. I was wondering where in the bugs forum I should put it. I will see if I still have a save from both before and after the coaching madness began.
  6. So, after a few good season with Hull City, my coaches allowed keeps going up and up. As of now I am allowed 31 regular coaches, 7 U18 coaches, 20 scouts as well as the seeminly normal amout of physios (4) and U21 coaches (3). Obviously my coaching and scouting is ranked #1. I dont know a lot about soccer, but a coaching staff of about 70 seems quite crazy. Never have I asked for an increase in staff either. I think when I took over the team they had 7 or 8 coaches and a total staff of about 15 or 20?
  7. Belamorte

    Alienware Steam Machine

    The Alienware one, I believe is the least expensive. That said, I would not buy any of them at this point. A proper PC could be had for around the same price (even pre-built if you do not want to fiddle with building your own). Just add either a Steam Link if wanted or better yet a cable from the PC to TV for like 10$ if you want to play on your TV.
  8. How do I fill there positions? Whenever I put an ad for a coach the only people who respond want to be a coach on the main team and there is no option that I can find to advertise for these posts? Any help?
  9. Belamorte

    Excuse my ignorance

    Thanks, that makes sense. I was just sending older players to these teams but was not really following if they were actually playing or what. I just thought they would be fully restricted from anyone over age limits.
  10. Sorry if this is a stupid question but what does U18 squad and U21 squad mean? I assume that it means teams for people 18 and under and 21 and under. What I am confused about is why, if that is the case, it seems I can put anyone on these teams no matter of age??? sorry soccer ignoramous here...
  11. Belamorte

    Quick question

    Nice. I dont really follow/know football very well (being from Canada hockey is the game) but I love FM. I have been playing the big teams and now that I am doing so well with them I would like to try to build up one of the medium/lower type teams to challenge them. I just wanted to make sure that it is not a hopeless endevor.
  12. Is it possible to build up the borderline premier teams (wolves, QPR and such) through success, to have the transfer budgets of Man U, Chelsea and such? or will they never have the sponsorship, stadium etc... to have such money? thanks in advance.
  13. Ill try that, but teams like Man City and Barcelona just swoop in and take whomever they want it seems. There should be some loyalty? But I will try thanks.
  14. Have to agree with those who are complaining about staff leaving. Pre-patch it was bad but I could turn around and poach other teams staff, now I cant even do that as they are usually not interested to talk to me. Really, some of these guys were I hired in 2012 when I was in ManU and followed me to Chelsea in 2027 and now are leaving for whatever reason in the year 2030. If I miss the warning that someone has approached them it is bye bye staff. 3 months played with patch lost 3 youth coaches, 2 first team coaches, 4 coaches, 1 goalie coach. edit to add.. If I do catch the news item and offer the coach a contract and he accepts and stays the team that offered goes after a different coach from my team so now I just let them go.
  15. Belamorte

    renaming your regens?

    Heeh, I am Canadian and barely know any of the famous players anyhow... I have heard of Ronaldo, Rooney and perhaps 3 or 4 other famous players so I always rename my entire team. If the guys name is Xavier Rodriguiz or something I would probably rename him X-Box or someone like David Johnson will end up being Jo-Jo. It helps me remember them as well as when they end up on other teams I know that they once played for me. If they are lousy players they keep their name and if they are players I need to remember and play I rename.