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  1. Just caught up, you're doing an amazing job! Since you're trying to recreate Hamburger success, after you win the Asian CL, will you move to Hamburger or close the save?
  2. So, basically you group them geographically, and not per coefficient right? Interesting...
  3. Just caught up.. only word to say... give them some hope man. Brilliant job!
  4. How do you rank those countrys to form the "ladder"? I mean, I've never heard of St. Pierre & Miq, how is this country in the NA1 along USA, Canada and Mexico?
  5. Yes, but since 2017(i guess), the left size of the pitch is hard to fill, because there is not much left footed players or players that are natural in those positions.
  6. I dunno, because the invitation won't show up... I'm tired of my youth playing friendly over and over
  7. Just a quick question. I'm on a save with a LLM Team from Germany, i'm currently in Bundesliga, and I did became professional way back in the 3. Bundesliga, it's been 6/7 years since. When does the invitation for my under 19 play in the official league?
  8. I'm in 2031, and it's hard to find a good Left Winger, any advice?
  9. Yes, I've a Second team, that's already in the Landesliga. And the u-19 only plays the youth league... Even the teams that didn't get promoted to 3. Bundesliga had u-19 playing their league.
  10. Well, in the first season I won the Landesliga Bayern-sud by 15 points, that was easy, in the Bayernliga Sud, in the first season I've finished 5th, in the 2nd season I won it. I stood 2/3 seasons in the 3. Bundesliga and then I got promoted by Playoff (lucky Kaiserslautern played poorly in 2 games). Unfortunately in the 2. Bundesliga, was hard, only got promoted after 4 seasons, and then I won it. Now, i'm in the Bundesliga for 2 seasons, in the first season I got the qualification to Europa League, only because Bayern won the national cup. And this season, I've finished 8th. Idk, becaus
  11. Who's the team with most trophies in the League and Champions League?
  12. Just caught up. Really nice career and a brilliant job. I started a career in Traustein, a division lower than you. In 11 seasons I finally got promoted to Bundesliga! Hope you can do it next season as well! quick question tho, does your u-19 team participate in the u19 league?
  13. I'm using this tactic, in 2029, i've an average good team, but most of the games I just can't win the game, a nearly 10 shots a game and ofc the possessions nearly passes de 50%, sometimes I've lower possession (30%-40%) against small teams... and most games I've 0 shots in 45 minutes... I want to play possession and score a lot of goals, because i've this LLM save, and my team is growing bigger, and the title is almost there, but I can't win games against teams with a 352 formation, and sometimes, I fail against teams like Bayern, Dortmund, Leipzig and Schalke... any suggestions?
  14. You're correct tho, and after you move to south america or africa you will increase it with the major trophies
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