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  1. Hi all I wondered if anyone knew the difference(s) between the various affiliation types: Normal affiliated club Sub Team Feeder Team B Club C Club 2 Club 3 Club II Club Good Relations Likely Friendly I think I can guess what the last two do, but I did wonder about what the differences between the various types of links were. Are there some kind of differences between how/when players can transfer between teams?
  2. With mine, I'm inclined to change it to under 18s, because the competition is still dominated by the bigger clubs in the region (Villa, WBA, Wolves). I'd like to do it based on best teams in region - it's not strictly speaking accurate, but it's not ridiculous either and allows newly created clubs to enter. However, it doesn't have a "professional status" filter. Maybe it's possible to create a secondary division which is auto populated with teams from a region ... will have to try that out.
  3. Heya acidmonkey I'd got a little further .. - create a secondary division with the teams you want - on advanced rules > stages > teams select best sides from division, set team to "under 23", then set professional status to "professional". - on advanced rules > stages > teams, select best sides from division, set professional status to "semi professional" and "amateur" When your club goes pro, it sends it's u23s rather than the first team. It'll start to enter u23s (probably) from the best sides in level 5 rather than when they reach the Football League pro
  4. I'm trying, for my own amusement, to create the Birmingham Senior Cup within FM2020. I've created a dummy league with ~35 teams, from which I can pick the best 32 and enter them in to the Senior Cup. It works. Yay. However, what I'd really like to do is to have some additional rules along the lines of "professional clubs enter their U19 team (or U23 team if they don't have one)". This should hopefully mean that the 'big' clubs occasionally win, but you get a good amount of smaller clubs taking home the silverware too. I've also noticed there's a "best teams in region" option on t
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