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  1. I have a major problem with the 19.3 update ... the Winter Update is NOT a Winter Update because the January transfers all start at their clubs at the BEGINNING of the season which means they are not transferred in January ... so now you have your much anticipated January signing in your squad fro the start, and there's no expectation to see what impact he will make on your team when he should have arrived in January ... also, if you're at a club where you are due to sell a player in the January window, he is now gone from your squad at the start, and you don't have the much-needed January money coming in to make changes ... this is just plain lazy, and not the standard of work I would have expected from SI when I load my edited database where I did all the January transfers prior to this update, I now see this for example: WILL GRIGG Contract: Sunderland (his January 31st transfer move from Wigan) Future Transfer: Sunderland (on January 31st) Fee: £4m this means my database is useless if I run 19.3, and I have to go through EVERY transfer from July 2019 to change current club ... jeez, what a pain!! come on SI, sort it out ... fix your transfers to be accurate as to date of transfer so that players join their new clubs on the correct dates, and the transfer fees change hands ... this 19.3 Winter Transfer Update is pathetic and serves no purpose other than to mess up the game
  2. SOLVED - I dropped my screen resolution to 1280x720, launched and was able to access the continue button on the Privacy Policy ... game launched, quit and reset graphics to highest level ... game works fine ... the Privacy Policy, for some reason, flooded the screen at highest resolution ... thankfully all ok now ... thanks so much for the responses, greatly appreciated.
  3. hey Jimmy, thanks so much for responding .. this happens on first run, so no cache/preferences folders. I'm genuinely stumped, never had this issue with FM before going back to good old Champ Man '94
  4. Hello fellow FM nuts, So I find myself stuck on the Privacy Policy notice and can't get beyond it. FM19 launched in the wrong screen resolution, I tried everything to change it but the mouse doesn't hover over the actual buttons. Instead you have to move the mouse halfway across the screen to highlight a button. I ended up reinstalling FM19, but no joy. The Privacy Policy fills the whole screen, and I can't scroll down to the accept button (see attached). Graphics drivers are all up to date, other games have no issues. I have a MSI i7 laptop built for gaming, so no issue there. This problem occurs in both full screen mode and windowed mode. I have also put in the windowed mode string in steam launch mode. Any advice? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi Fraz, thanks for the feedback, appreciated ... yes, have done all those ... so here's the thing I've just discovered, the new game launch crashes with my edited database ... my saved games all work fine ... if I launch a new game using the Official Winter Update database it works ... any advice please bud?
  6. I have started to encounter the exact same issue. My dump file is attached as well. Having played this game since 1994 this is the first time I've encountered this issue. Thanks in advance for your assistance. FM 2016 v16.3.2.830543 (2017.04.03 15.29.36).dmp
  7. This is the one big thing for me, and the only reason I will buy the next version ... it would be absolutely awesome if the stadium your game was being played in actually looked like the real thing ... imagine playing Luton Town away, and you see their quirky little ground on the screen ... every stadium has its own characteristics, and it would definitely add depth to see the stadium as it's meant to be ... the generic stadiums in FM right now do nothing to add a vibe to the game, so seeing something like Vicarage Road with the full away end at the proper side of the ground would be quality ... I believe that adding proper club stadiums would be an astonishing improvement, and would be a huge success for the FM franchise Now, let me add on more touch ... imagine if at the start of each game you are given a player's view from inside the tunnel, and then move up the tunnel and out into the EXACT stadium the game is being played in ... superb cut scene that will kill all other games
  8. Excellent thread ... I have played this dang game since its very first release in the early 90s (remember the green box?) ... those Saturdays spent sitting watching the results slowly scroll up the the screen took hours and hours to play, but man it was fun ... I have bought EVERY version since I first got hooked, but I stopped at FM12 (because of steam, I'm not a fan) ... FM12 is probably the best version, with FM11 close behind ... today I was thinking about going back to an earlier version just for the hell of it, maybe something like CM02, and I found this thread ... I can absolutely understand the frustrations of everyone at the lack of improvement, but it was to be expected ... for me, what I'd really like to see is every club having it's stadium replicated in the game rather than the generic ones we see, that would be amazing and really crank the game up, and also club songs and chants being included as well
  9. So almost two years on from my original post, thought I'd share my long term view as a customer ... thanks to being forced to use steam and its quirks, I gave both FM2103 and FM2014 a miss, a first for me having religiously bought each version from day one (the Collyer's original floppy disk game in a green box) ... I really don't like steam, and it's only on my PC because I need it to run FM2012 ... I wonder if SI (SEGA) have any idea how many customers they have lost because of steam? Am I being foolish for electing to stop buying FM while it requires steam installed to run? Do the FM guys actually care about their customers or is it a case of "oh well, do what you want, there will always be someone else who will buy the game"?
  10. Ok, so I posted I hate Steam a couple of weeks ago, and I thought maybe I was hasty. After all, it seems gamers use Steam a lot and it should be fine. However, I am still struggling to play FM because I either get told my login credentials are wrong when they're not, or I get game unavailable try again later. This is not on, and I just don't get how people can accept such rubbish service. Please remember, I am not dissing FM the game, but I am so unhappy with the way I am forced to ACCESS the game. It is ridiculous when Steam decides when I can or can't actually load a game I've bought and paid for. Today I tried several times to launch FM but game unavailable at this time is all I get. Oh, I can log into Steam no probs but it won't allow me to acces the game. Come on, this is just pathetic. As I said before, I have been a loyal supporter of this game and have every issue since the first Champ Man with the dodgy pixelated balding manager on the box, but now I am really starting to feel that a game I always considered one of the most pure and with great intentions has become just another corporate product with no thought for its users. I don't believe that the majority of FM players are hectic gamers who use Steam for all their shoot 'em ups. FM players are more discerning, testing their intelligence and decision-making against a brilliant game that forces you to think rather than jump around firing super weapons. Steam has to go from the FM lineup, give it a free transfer please because it is ruining my user experience, and ultimately that is all that matters for a product, the experience. Oh, and for info I also have FM on my iPad (yes, I know, I bought all versions again), so I am a hardcore fan of the game, but I will ditch it if I am forced to endure this type of nonsense with Steam.
  11. That's it!! No, really, I do hate Steam. I have been playing this game since the very first one in the '90s, I have every single issue, and this is the first time I've been so annoyed by this darn Steam that I am now forced to use. I don't play any other games on my PC, only FM. Call of Duty, Formula One etc are on my xbox. I have now deleted Steam off my machine which means I can't play FM12 anymore. I'm not going to download a crack because I don't believe in getting rubbish on my machine. I don't want Steam, I don't want to support Steam, I don't want it on my PC. If SI are going to continue releasing FM on Steam then I'm lost to the game. Oh well, I guess one dissenting voice in the wilderness won't make any difference at all to SI, so nothing will change.
  12. Awesome, downloading now and will give it some quality time. I don't normally play anything other than the modern db, but this effort deserves some recognition. Top man!!
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