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  1. Still going strong in L1 and so far bang on my predictions of sneaking a playoff place, though if I were to go up I'd be way out of my depth. I've picked up huge wins against the league's big hitters - including Wayne Rooney's Derby - and have improved from a dire, winless November. Currently trying to pick up some good players that fit my 5-3-2 system - does anyone know of any good, cheap box-to-box midfielders or wingbacks that would be going cheaply in the summer of 2021? Just to add that I only have the UK nations loaded, will look to add more countries as I go.
  2. My first full save on FM20 has gone off to a flyer. I've taken my hometown club Newport County up to League One in the first season having won League Two outright. At one point I was 25 games unbeaten using this tactic which, on the face of it, seems very basic but did wonders. Hoping to have a solid first season in L1, perhaps sneaking a playoff place. This is my first FM in three years so I'm still getting used to all of the new features but having fun so far.
  3. Yeah I'll need one, though I'm not too fussed on getting a really high-end one. If I got one for say £50 it means I could get a full setup for £350~ (the discount on the eBay listing knocks the Lenovo down to just shy of £300). Are you saying that the existing specs will be ok but will need an upgrade in the future?
  4. Hi all, I’m looking to swap my knackered old HP Pavilion for a decent fairly priced prebuilt desktop PC that can play the new game (and potentially older titles) with 4/6 leagues fully loaded and just 2D graphics. My budget is max £400, and I’m happy to consider refurbished PCs too. I found this refurb bundle but would I be right in saying that the graphics card falls well short of minimum spec? There is an option to add another graphics card for £37.99 (GT710) but I think that is also way off what is required. EDIT: Since posting I've also found this on Amazon and this on eBay - will either do the trick? Hope you can help!
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