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  1. Hi if you could send the save across then we can take a look into the issue Thanks
  2. Hi, this is an issue that we're aware of and it is under review with the dev team Thanks
  3. Good to hear the display issue has been resolved. With regards to the text there is unfortunately no way to change the size within game
  4. Can I get you to try rebooting the device and then immediately launch the game Let me know if that works Thanks
  5. Hi @Vogue Can you let us know what device you are using Thanks
  6. Hi can you please provide some examples of player photos you are not seeing. Thanks Hola, ¿podrías proporcionar algunos ejemplos de fotos de jugadores que no ves? Gracias
  7. Hi The issue about no getting any reports from the scout I have raised with our team now Yeh its the case that you will only be able to select the scouts in scouts results page if they have provided reports Thanks
  8. Yeh I have got your save and will take a look at it Thanks
  9. Hi @MEtaLskA would you be able to send a save across so I can take a look at it Thanks
  10. @xDARECKIx sorry this is still an issue being looked into
  11. Hi @passenger58 this is something we are aware and under review with the dev team at the moment Thanks
  12. Hi @FzeDrren can you just clarify that you are on the latest update released? Also what device you are playing on and the OS it is on? I have taken a look at your save and have been able to adjust the budget Thanks
  13. Hi if you press the return button on the keyboard when it appears then it will hide it and you will be able to access the 4th save in team selection
  14. Hi @dompeppe What iOS is currently installed on your phone? Is this something that is occurring during all matches?
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