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  1. This would be an issue for the Transfers forum. Although bear in mind that sometimes teams demand absurd prices as a way of saying 'not for sale'.
  2. Hi, this issue has been fixed since the beta so it's working fine now on new saves. Not much consolation to you, I'm afraid, but rest assured that it works fine on a new game. Thanks for reporting.
  3. I was talking about the first season in that post, but we still want the second season to work too! Could you upload a save game that shows this issue? Would be great if you could get one just before the playoffs are drawn. Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone, a note about promotion from the Second Division B. We haven't done a good job of explaining the rules for this division and we're working on making that better right now. Thanks to everyone who has pointed this out. There's also an issue that the game is treating qualification to the new Second Division Pro as a promotion (which it kind of is but also kind of isn't) in terms of news items etc. This is making it confusing for managers who are chasing the 'real' promotion to the Second Division. It does look as though the actual promotion mechanics are working fine, so the team
  5. Thanks for that. It would still be great if you could provide a save and highlight at least a few clubs that are in the wrong section. The more concrete detail we get, the easier it will be to fix once and for all.
  6. @kenankodro@Masonp2 Thanks for the help everyone. We had a look at the saves you uploaded and it looks like this issue was related to another fixtures problem from the beta. That problem has been fixed now but it doesn't apply to old saves. If anyone finds this problem in a new save, please let us know.
  7. Yep would be great if you could upload that save file for us to take a look at. Thanks.
  8. Hi, can you or @cleiria (or anyone else) upload a save that shows this incorrect regional division sorting? And it would be great if you could send a link to an official source on how the sorting is decided. Let's try to get this one sorted once and for all.
  9. Could you please upload a save that shows this issue? Thanks
  10. @kenankodro@Masonp2 Could any/all of you please upload a save so we can take a look at this? Thanks. Here's how to do it:
  11. OK, then there's a very good chance that the issue has been fixed one way or another. Please let us know if it pops up again.
  12. Certainly doesn't sound correct. Could you upload a save game just before this match so we can investigate? Thanks. Here's how to do it:
  13. Could you upload a save for us to take a look at? Thanks. Here's how:
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