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  1. after the latest update, all managers face has disappeared, even for the licensed clubs. what happened? is it a bug or you intentionally remove it?
  2. yes. I think because i changed their name and after that, other virtual players name started to become this.
  3. Yes. Real Players names are still the same and unaffected.
  4. Or maybe you can just start a new save. Starting as an England club and create new player by the in game editor. Then it will happen.
  5. No, their name just suddenly change and i don't attempted to change their name. Btw I used the editor to create some players for my club. And then after reloading the save, the names start to go into that way. Also, when i change some existing players name, the names will also go into that way.
  6. Hi. When i start to use the in game editor of fmm20, the players names start to go strange. They either change to single name or other nations name. What happened?
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