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  1. I have played a few games with it, and as I said above early results are promising. I think the biggest problem with the tactic before was that we couldn't score by counterattacking because there wasn't enough space to, and we couldn't score through possession because the tempo was high enough that we'd give away possession before the midfielders got forward. I'm still having a bit of issues getting numbers into the box though; we often just give away the ball in wide trying to make a silly cross. Might try setting the width a little narrower. It was originally Mez-B2B, but I foun
  2. I don't mind giving possession away if we're being proactive and able to win the ball back quickly (which is largely what my other tactic does, but it gets enough guys pressing high up the field to do that which this one doesn't). You make a lot of great points. I've dropped the tempo to standard, replaced "Pass Into Space" with "Work Ball Into Box" and overlap so we don't give the ball away as much, and switched the defensive setup to more of a mid-block which I actually have the numbers to implement. I also switched the B2B into an AP to get another more slightly attacking-minded player
  3. @Sebastian Szlenkier done! I uploaded it to https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/Kzvhd0MdU3v4Nv4 under the name "tigerking-mm-RBLeipzig-II-team-tactic-bug.fm". Thank you!
  4. Should have clarified; in the first post I said that I've played around with the DM being a DM-S, DM-D, BWM-D, and DLP-D. But I think of the B2B and the DM as primarily both hard-working defensive-minded players (though one needs to support the attack, or else I don't have enough numbers forward). Open to role suggestions though. No one; I was just responding to your guess that it was the BPDs ignoring the short passing instructions and sending long balls over the top. I woulda guessed that would happen when making the tactic too, but they don't waste possession.
  5. Surprisingly, it's often my 2 defensive minded midfielders too. I've noticed that BWMs tend to hit some of the best key passes, I'd guess because they generally don't go for them much so when they do it's because the pass is available. My BPDs are both excellent players (both top-5 players on my team), and they play well in most games. We tend to do really well against teams that press high with 1 striker; however, we have lots of issues against Gegenpressing teams with 2 strikers (3-4-1-2 and 4-4-2 in particular).
  6. Pretty good in general for my attacking players, and very strong for my DM/B2B. My players aren't having individual defensive problems; sometimes they seem to just chase the ball between the other team's CBs and fullbacks a lot, but as others have pointed out I think I'm pressing too high without supporting it enough, so I'm going to drop the LoE back. Offensively (and specifically chance creation) is where I have the biggest issues, though if my wing players are giving the ball away too much trying to dribble people I wonder if it'd make sense to set overlap on both sides. But it also st
  7. Hmm, good point. I guess the goal is to win it when we can, but I've noticed that my pressing with this tactic is way more disjointed than with the 4-2-4 I play. I would like the striker to run in behind the defense, but you're right there's probably not enough space to do that here. Maybe I could drop the line of engagement and press very hard in a mid block. I've tried a Mezzala there before, but the problem I found is that I had too many guys wide and not enough central. But I actually do have a couple players who can play that role pretty well, so I'll give that another go.
  8. I'm thinking a bit more about how I want my team to play - I want to win the ball back as quickly as possible (and we have the work rate to do it) and bring the ball up the field quickly. I don't care if it's my wing backs or my CMs shuttling the ball, but once we get into the final third, I want a lot of movement and quick passing to try to open up the defense. My non-attacking mids are all very hard working but average technically, so most of the creativity and playmaking needs to come from my wingers and my CM-A.
  9. I feel like I struggle to set these two instructions correctly. It's easier to see the impact of shorter vs direct passing - obviously with shorter, there's a lot of short passing, but then I'll see one of my players suddenly hoof it over the top of the defenders for my attackers. Does shorter passing make them more likely to play the shorter pass, but they'll still consider all options? I struggle even more with Tempo and its effect in the match engine. Is this basically just how long the players pause once they receive the ball to assess their option? Does that mean higher tempo wi
  10. I posted in a different section, but based on the responses there it sounds like I might be dealing with some bug? When I take control of some B team responsibilities, I have no option to edit my B team's tactics in the Dev Center. When I don't control any of their responsibilities (the last screenshot in the thread, reposted below), I have a dropdown to edit the team's tactic, but it doesn't actually change the formation or any of the instructions. No matter what I do, the Dev Center -> II team -> Tactics page always stays on a 4-2-3-1 clean slate tactic. How can I figur
  11. When I go to my B team's tactics, I do see that drop down: I can change it to my tactic, but it doesn't apply. It keeps going back to some 4-2-3-1 clean slate.
  12. Actually, I saved and tried firing my coach, and even without a coach it still doesn't let me change the formation off a 4-2-3-1. Where on earth is that default coming from? It's not even my AssMan's favorite formation.
  13. Hmm, I tried that, but it doesn't let me change it to my tactics. I click them but it still stays with his 4-2-3-1. I guess I'll try again at the end of the year after my coach's contract runs out maybe.
  14. Apologies if this is the wrong forum. I'm playing as RB Leipzig and we have a II team in the 3 Bundesliga. I was able to take control of training, but I have two issues with tactics with my II team that I don't have with my U19 team: I can't force them to use my main team's tactic. They always use a 4-2-3-1, which is my II team's manager's tactic. I don't get the emails before each game that let me make players available (I have to do it manually) and swap them around so they start in the positions I want them to play in. I feel like I've triple checked my Responsibilities and
  15. Good question. That's mostly what I'm doing, but 3 reasons why I don't want to completely give up on the other one: The tactic that's been working well has had some success against top teams (Dortmund/Bayern), but is better against the weaker teams. As I'm getting deeper into a Champions League run, there's more good teams coming up on the schedule. The main tactic is working well but it's obviously not perfect. Sometimes it's nice to have another tactical option to fall back on. I have more midfield depth right now than striker depth, and have a pretty congested fixture list
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