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  1. 9 games into my new save with Mjondalen and I've lost every single one, including a cup game to a team lower down the leagues. I'm having fun with the save and trying to turn it around, but I genuinely think I might be losing my mind, I've never experienced a save like it. As I'm typing this I've just conceded a 1st minute penalty in game 10...
  2. I hope this is a freak occurrence and not a game breaking bug, but my first game in a new save and I managed to hit the woodwork 7 times...
  3. Pen --> Paper Doesn't reset, doesn't glitch. Enjoying FM23 so far, but selling FIFA style cosmetics as genuine upgrades makes me cringe. The people creating the game aren't the same people who play it.
  4. Only a week after returning from holiday, I am offered an interview and role at the superbly named Super Nova from Latvia. This actually presents a fantastic opportunity straight off the bat as Latvia is a summer league, so I have 3 months before the season starts to rebuild. In addition, it's a 10 team league and incredibly 4 of the 10 teams actually qualify for European football. Sk Super Nova finished 9th out of 10 teams last season, but came through the playoffs and now I have 3 months to rebuild. The outlook is as basic as basic gets: No history, no money, basic everything. The 'stadium' only holds 648 people, so not entirely sure that even counts as a stadium. The squad view is even worse, with no striker and seemingly half my team about to depart for Ventspils (am I a reserve team or feeder club?! One to check) My brief is to utilise the youth team and grow the club reputation, without overspending: Potentially the only saving grace is that there is actually room in the finance to replace the departing players: The supporter profile is certainly something I'll look to improve: This is a new occurrence for me. The aim of skipping to mid-December is so that I can take control of a team that is in the mire who I could possibly save. I've been gifted a full pre-season from the off. Let;s go.
  5. FM22 for me ended quite abruptly, but thanks to the Game Pass I'm back on board and I want to get further than I managed last year (2 relegations, 2 sackings, 1 league win) I always start my journeyman with the lowest possible experience and qualifications, but do give myself a couple of additional languages to increase my chances of getting past the interview stage (I pre-tested with just English language and I couldn't get a job outside of Vanarama North/South) I've loaded the following leagues: The plan is to holiday until mid-December, then return and start firing out applications in all directions and then take the first one that comes along. We begin!
  6. I always start mine with National C licence and Sunday League footballer, but I do make my manager quite the polyglot by giving him a couple of extra languages that he can speak so that it's a bit easier to find work that isn't just tier 6 England. I load up all European leagues, skip forward to mid-December of the first season, then I put myself back on holiday indefinitely but set it to apply for any jobs, it'll then cut back when an interview pops up. At the end of the first season, I'll bin off probably half of the leagues to speed the game up. Also - Request coaching courses whenever you get a job. Can't wait to start mine, might start it now and send it going in the background! I started to document my journeyman last year, but then got COVID and lost all interest in pretty much everything for about a month, at which point it was too late to go back: I really did enjoy it though, even though I got relegated and sacked in my first 2 jobs.
  7. Maybe not too small-small, but not Top 5. I seem to get the most enjoyment and legs from games where I start in the 2nd tier, then try to become the dominant team in the nation, then try to do the same with Europe. Last 2 saves have been in Czech Rep then Norway. This year I was looking at either Switzerland or Poland, but I don't want to run into any weird competition rules that could potentially affect my enjoyment (I already know about Vaduz in Switzerland). Can anyone recommend a fun league in this type of country?
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