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  1. As a rule if thumb, man-mark static roles, such as targetman, and do not man mark running roles, such as poacher
  2. Promoting them, like from squad player to important player, make them support you more. Signing a player that they recommend instantly make you one of his favorite staff.
  3. No, they are not. The club is not on their favorite list.
  4. Some players love the way the club is being managed and the way their manager is treating them. Some do so immediately after joining the club. What makes them feel so? The only thing I found, is that usually those are bad players, so it may have something to do with their low reputation relative to that of a club and a manager. But there's more to it. Since I never use editor, I am a bit lost. Is it low controversy? High loyalty? High adaptability? Similar personality with a manager?
  5. This is why some counter-attacking teams, such as Lobanivskiy's Dynamo Kiev employed a "score fast" opening tactics. For the first 20 minutes the team would press out if their minds, looking to score an opening goal and sit back for the rest of the game.
  6. Set your AML/R on "Mark specific player" instruction and mark those wingbacks. Defending wider might also help
  7. Try this: Higher LOE OI: press more on their goalie and all defenders Reduce pressure from extremely urgent to merely more urgent
  8. Assistant's suggestions are awful and, worse, random. Furthermore, it is entirely possible that after you set up according to his advice, he would give you a contextual advice to change formation to something else.
  9. Defend narrow, increase pressure and higher defensive line. Two of those three would do.
  10. Try this: Remove wingers. Instead, add another CD and another PF. Most TI should be possession-based. If you are massive underdog, you probably won't produce many quality fast breaks. Attacks should go via wingbacks, who should run wide and produce throw-ins and, hopefully, corners. Both PF should man-mark opposite wingbacks, it works very well for deep defense. Make both CMs carrileros so they would cover flanks. Put your tallest strongest players at CD, even if they are not defs. Your defensive depth should depend on the way opponent is playing. If he threatens from crosses, defen
  11. From what I've seen, some players just love to hoof. I failed to distill it to particular attributes or PPM. I put a player in some role and he just hoofs almost every time. I put another player there instead, with similar attributes, and he plays short passes.
  12. This is what worked for me in similar situation. Save before match. Play a match on full highlights. Look what's going wrong tactically. After you played (and lost), load again. Make changes to tactics and lineup. Play this very same game again, again on full match highlights. Load again and make more changes. It took me four tries until I won 3-1 the match, that in previous tries I was loosing hopelessly. My winning tactics were weird (posting from phone, so can't screenshot it) PF-d PF-d CAR CAR Anchor man 5 defs line WBa CD CD CD WBa Both PFs are told to man ma
  13. I love playing ultra defensive football, with both strikers on PF-d, man marking opposite wingbacks.
  14. Pardon my ignorance. I don't see Cambridge City in the list, nor mentioned anywhere. Are they still in the game? Used to manage then in FM20 and I am in awe of Cambridge
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