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  1. Lobanovsky solved this problem in real life and it is possible to replicate it in FM. Start the match against underdog with high pressure, very attacking style. Score fast. Than sit back and play counter.
  2. I run a very short first team, like 12-15 players. I like having a tight-knit small squad. In case of injuries and fatigue, youngsters fill in.
  3. Let's say, the game ran some calculation that weigh many factors and ended up with "Player feels he is well-supported over any potential issues". Does it actually mean, that this player is more likely to take issues with me? If not, is there any practical difference between a player, who feels he is well-supported and a player, who is happy to be a big part of core social group?
  4. What you say is that controversial players can also be happy. Yes, they can. The point is not about a controversial players being happy, but rather about the following phenomenon: Some players are just randomly "happy about how club is being managed". It's usually 1 or 2 players out of ~25 men rosters. There must be something that makes them feel this way. I also found that those same players are also happy about how manager is treating him. They remain happy about those things throughout their whole time with the club. But why? I asked, but no one could explain this phenomenon. Othe
  5. Until today, I have never used an in-game editor or any tools to look into hidden attributes. In fact, I have played with a "no attributes and no stars" skin . So, I spend some time trying to tell what a player is based on hints that the game gives. I have long presumed the following: Unhappy with early start of preseason - low professionalism Feels he is well-supported over and issues due to popularity in the room - high controversy Happy/delighted/enjoying the club - high loyalty Unhappy with low training workload - high professionalism and/or ambitions.
  6. Might have something to do with me buying an in-game editor or switching to default skin and back. I did clear cache and reboot the game but still could be something about a file stuck in a cache. Once I edited the file, it probably was reloaded from the hard drive and that fixed the issue
  7. I went to non_player_attributes_panel.xml and added "disabled="true" to every "record". It worked. Not sure if it was the best way to fix since since I have no idea how to skin (I do have some IT background though so I sorta figured it out)
  8. Great skin! It fits very well with how I would like to play this game. Yet since 1.2 Staff attributes are not hidden. They used to be hidden in 1.0, but as I moved to 1.2 I can see staff attributes again. Players attributes are still hidden, no stars, font is new, so skin is loaded and generaly works, but it still shows staff attributes (i.e. numbers, not colored icons). Edited: I have managed to fix it myself by adding disabled="true" to every "record" in staff attributes file.
  9. I love playing defensive football too, so I would add: Score fast. Come out with high pressure, ultra attacking football and open the score in the first 20 minutes. Shut the door. No need to setup a counter-attacking approach. Just park the bus: Much lower line if engagement, lower line of defense. Extreme pressure. Tight marking. Stay on feet to avoid fouls. Press and tight mark OI on almost every opposite player except for their CDs. I know, in balanced approach it's wrong to tight mark speedy opponents, but with low compact block it works. Defens
  10. Promoting him, like from regular starter to star player, might help
  11. We know that FM is a deep game with many interconnected variables. Yet one thing surprised me today that I haven't noticed before. I was in the middle of a match with a couple of my players displaying "motivated" body language. I changed pressure setting from extremely urgent to merely "more urgent" and they went from "motivated" to "inspired". Amazed, I put the slider back to "extremely urgent" and they went "motivated" again. I did it few more times to make sure they indeed change body language as I move the pressure slider. I'm not sure whether they were less familiar with extre
  12. Player salaries Staff salaries Different lines on the finance sheet
  13. I kind of noticed that, but I'm not sure if it's for real. So I wonder if it's a coincidence or someone else has seen this too. I used to play a save where I would prefer signing level-headed players. So I noticed that my players tend to change from level-headed to media-friendly. Never the opposite. I know that "media-handling style" is another view of hidden personalities attributes, still I could never understand the reason behind those changes. Until I realized that I myself act quite excited and by no means level-headed with the media. I always respond in the most positive and
  14. 4231 gegenpress dominates out-of-the-box. No need for any tweaks.
  15. The one, that is performing. Average rating alone is not very good though. I usually pay attention to Team Goals for and Team Goals against. It shows whether a player is a positive or negative contributor
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