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  1. In the following inbox email from Leeds United Chairman Andrea Radrizzani, it talks about "English Premier Division" campaign, however it's suppose to be "Club World Championship" Please see all three highlighted parts. Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  2. Another Big Problem here is that: - The team I am giving the feedback to is Dortumond players, but I am Leeds United Manager - Also noticed during the game, when "Felix Passlack" was injured who is Dortumond player, in the match advice, it asked me to take off him or subsitute or ignore him
  3. In the context where "I" should be displayed, it's showing me "person#1" Thank you FM Team!
  4. Not 100% sure how to reproduce other than giving the preferred number to a player. Gave the player his preferred number back in September 2021 in Game Time, but when I viewed this Happiness page of Robin Koch, I see total 6 of Happiness Positive points of "Pleased to have been given his preferred squad number". (On the right-side of the screenshot) Please take a look in this issue. Thank you.
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