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  1. Thanks for the advice all. I decided to do some testing and when I let them train with the 1st team they improved 2.5% less(CA from all players added up and divided by the amount of players). It isn't a big difference, from the 22 selected players 10 improved more with the first team then when they trained with the U19.
  2. Hi All, I have some youth players which are very talented. They are 16/17 years old. At that age training is most important as I understand from the game, Only where will I let them train? - U19, excellent coaches but not as good as my first team. - My second team, worthless coaching compared to U19 and first team. - My 1st team, all 4 and 5 star in all categories. I used to train them with my U19 squad but woudn't it be better to train them with my first team? Only my first team coaches are not high ranked in training youngsters.
  3. Here is the screenshot: Well it depends on what player plays for Ajax. Sometimes it is a real winger looking to give a cross and sometimes it is more a Inside Forward or inverted winger. I do have all these options also available in my team a.t.m.
  4. Ok Clear, I do pay to much attention to the bright green dots. Ok, I wil l reduce it with at least one and look for another role for the other player. Chances are not really the problem, the finishing of them is more the problem. 20 to 30 shots is normal for me. I try to play like Ajax, with wingers and to keep a high percentage of possesion during the game. Maybe that's the issue... I want Possesion, gegenpress, fast ball circulation but also a counterattack with deep balls to my Forward and wingers. But possesion should be the main thing I
  5. Hi All, I am struggling to create a tactic that works for my team, perhaps some good advice will get me back on track. This is the tactic I am using at the moment: My main problems with this tactic are: - 3 playmakers is that a good idea? The problem is I have for 3 midfield postions 6 players and all of them are best suited for a playmaker role. - Not happy with the amount of goals scored by the Striker and the AMC. Furthermore We generally have a lot of attempts but many are not on goal. - Do I really need to be so focused on playing players
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