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  1. If I were to do that i would first ask permission from @bossland because it is his skin. And it could also be that he is already working on it, So we just have to wait.
  2. That is simple. You need to fix the match section and change the year ...And a couple more fixes but that's it...
  3. I would say an MSI Laptop, I already use year after year a MSI Laptop and did always what it needed to do. It's powerfull, Has great graphics and it works actually excellent with FM Games and also other things like PhotoShop. But MSI is one of the best gaming laptop builders at the top 3 and is always doing what it should be. But it depends on what you want to spend. I can give you a example of one of the cheapest. https://www.bol.com/nl/p/msi-gaming-gf63-10scxr-060be-thin-gaming-laptop-15-6-inch-azerty/9300000000270793/?Referrer=ADVNLGOO002021-G-86837479375-S-902510697567-9300000000270793&a
  4. Yess. Actually, I have already bought FM21 while it is in pre-order and i can't wait till it's being launched...
  5. In which folder did you place them ?. Did you go to Documents ?. There do you find Sports Interactive. When you're in the folder Sports Interactive, You go to Football Manager 2020. See the picture below. And if you follow these steps it should work.
  6. Or you have to try to bring his salary back so that the salary isn't gonna over you're wage budget. Or a club can hire him and pay him a percentage of his salary. Or even more ;).
  7. It will be delayed because of covid-19. But it's also something good because they have then some more time to work on FM21.
  8. Yes. I would buy and play it. But the skin can use some rework after al those years.
  9. Hmm, Weird. I have the luck that my game will save if i try to save it in the cloud. And yes. But what the problem is ?. That's a big question for now. Lets hope that there will be a solution.
  10. @arulviv93 Did you try to save it in the cloud ? Maybe that would work for you. I have this problem also so that's why i'm saving it in the cloud.
  11. Can you place some screenshots here ?. It would help the mods and the other members to look in to it for you.
  12. Did you try to take the last one ?. I mean the last one at the conversation ?. And you can't give him an new contract. The board has decided for the whole year to put an wage in the budgets. And it seems you passed one of it with other contracts and new players. I think the amount you offer them is too high. Can you show a picture of you're budget's ?
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