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  1. Hi @Daniel Wells I didn't, but I had one from about a month before I went to St.Pauli, so I pushed forward and got appointed St.Pauli's manager again. And sure enough, the chairman is back there, I'm guessing if I kept playing another full season, there'd be elections again, and maybe the bug would resurface. I just uploaded it to the SI Cloud Service with the name "StPauliAlt". Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi @Francis Mooney I just uploaded it with the name "StPauli.fm" Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi, I'm playing with St.Pauli and after a season or two at the club, time for elections for chairman came. The incumbent chairman lost and a new one was announced. ever since that moment the chairman and the board have gone missing. I've kept playing I few months in-game, waiting in case they needed some adaptation time, but the chairman is not listed under staff as usual, I can't make a request to the board (either from the finances or the club vision tab, they're disabled), and when I go to staff responsabilities for the board, it seems I, the manager, am in charge of hiring and firing myself, build the club's vision and provide financial resources. Weird thing is, in the meantime, I was offered a new contract, and was able to accept it and negotitate with board for it. But I can't make any request or communicate with them at all.
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