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  1. New FM will be available soon so they're hoping you just gonna move on. They've earned additional money from this Stadia deal + it's only affecting small number of gamers so they can ghost you without consequences really. Most likely the next FM will be on Stadia again and I wouldn't be surprised if there will be the same problem.
  2. Both laptops got the same CPU, GPU and RAM but Acer got bigger SSD and much better display (brighter (300 nits)with better colours (72% NTSC) + 144hz) where HP display is not quite bright with 250 nits and just 45% NTSC.
  3. I was thinking about getting FM on Stadia but this issue put big question mark over the purchase. Seems like the issue exist since January and it hasn't been fixed yet... It's only been 7 months there's no rush. I highly doubt that it'll ever get fixed. The problem is not SI but Google as they rushed the lunch of not finished product and now got no intention to fix bugs and issues on thier end and that's the reason why a lot of reviews stating that Stadia is crap. SI should think again about releasing FM21 on Stadia platform but probably desire to increase revenue will prevail while hopin
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