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  1. Outside of Technical, Mental and Physical, there should be a 4th category "Set Piece Delivery", when it comes to showing a players attributes. I am not sure how to elaborate on this, but obviously it helps with clarity. When you have to evaluate a player on a glance you now no longer run the danger of thinking "nice technicals" because some green numbers show up on the left side of his attribute table. When you are looking for a set piece specialist you know have all the numbers at a glance. If you are not looking for a set piece specialist you can ignore a section of the attribute screen easi
  2. It might be a good idea to be able to set favorites in the player context menu. E.g., I use Praise Training/ Development each week on 6 players and everytime I have to get through 3 (!) Sub-Menus to click the option I want to click. Same goes for Compare Player, which people probably use all the time, but is hidden deep in the context menu tree. If for example the game had a section of the three most used context menu interactions on the top level of the context menu it would noticeably improve the flow of the game.
  3. A players Temperament would visible in the same way you just described, yet it is a hidden attribute. I do not know if it would make much of a difference, whether Determination is hidden or not, but I do get where the author is coming from.
  4. Hot damn, if I didnt learn something new today. I was really convinced that this is not how it works, but if Seb says it, who am I to argue? Thanks for showing me the light
  5. Thanks for clarifying. Where can I find the statement where it says that determination and ambition factor in equally though? I have no doubt that they have some hand in the development, but every test anyone including me has run is that determination and ambition are negligible next to professionalism and nothing I see under your link contradicts that.
  6. Everybody who has played FM for a while knows that feeling. A highlight pops up, and one of your players starts a solo dribble from the half field. He beats the midfielders and gets to the edge of the box. Since there are two defenders in front of him, he will take the option to shoot. And shoot he does, into the ****ing ether. It is not an occasional thing, and they do not just miss, they miss wildly. I have not seen it once (!) that a player scores a goal from outside the box after running for some distance. Every goal from outside the box comes from a first time shot, a shot while standing,
  7. It is the oldest myth in FM that Determination has a large impact on player development. Professionalism is the only proven and SI-approved attribute that influences player development, with Ambition and Determination being wildly speculated at by the community. The reason all your good wonderkids tend to have higher Determination is because Determination is not affected by training and doesn't change a great deal in a players career without outside influences. Therefore, if your guy will become world-class he will already probably have a world-class or at least decent Determination as well.
  8. Hi, I have a question regarding the way attributes are displayed. Is there a way to rearrange them other than the alphabetical way they are currently sorted? I am afraid I do not know much about skinning and I do not even know whether this is the right forum to ask this, but I am naively hoping one could just open up a specific file with the text editor and change a couple of values and it is done. Any pointers on how to go about it would be greatly appreciated.
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