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  1. No offense, but this response is just as useless.
  2. Anyone direct me the file I need to change to get the letter on the scout report on the player screen?
  3. Looks bloody fantastic mate. If you need anyone to test it out, hit me up.
  4. I think that’s the case too, but I can’t locate what the colour could be.
  5. So I have tried to locate them in the game files with zero luck. Genuinely out of ideas and sick of looking at the red. Anyone else had the same issue? it’s the last thing I need to make the skin perfect. Haha
  6. Yeah, couldn’t find that. I have tried to have a look around, very hard to locate.
  7. Just wondering how you got the tactic/familiarity/intensity bar in primary/secondary colours mate?
  8. Yeah that’s the one I followed. I’m pretty useless haha
  9. Yeah I have tried to follow that along, but every time I feel like I have put it in the same container, it still doesn’t work.
  10. Anyone been able to do it? I have tried my best to get it done. Something is just not clicking.
  11. Has anyone been able to try and get the positional roles to be highlighted on the “scouting centre report card” in their skin? I have tried last year and was so useless at it, I couldn’t figure it out. something that looks like this?
  12. I’m assuming this may work in FM 24 with some tweaks. Gonna give it a crack myself. I wonder if we could find resources of scoreboard graphics somewhere to work with? For example, EPL 23/24’s new one?
  13. As a part time retired content creator, I have nothing but admiration for the skinning community. You guys have made improvements to the game and should be applauded for it. However, my thinking around skinning and creators borrowing assets is that it’s the natural evolution of any form of content on the internet. So many ideas, even in saves in YouTube videos, came from an idea someone had. Unless someone was making a profit from it, I wouldn’t be upset if someone took something I made. However, proper credit needs to be given always.
  14. Actually, better question. Does anyone know what I need to transfer or change to make this - Into this? -
  15. Tried that, didn’t work. Might have added in the wrong code. was thinking that the graphic from last year changed to this year, so maybe I need to copy that across? But I’m not sure what one it is?
  16. Any way I can change this back to green/red. And where to find it?
  17. Change it yourself then my man.
  18. Yeah, it's annoying. Cause this is what I have so far. The highlighted one doesn't work. This is what it looks like. Just wondering what I could add to get 7th to work. Very annoying. haha
  19. Yeah and the settings above works, just I don’t know to seperate the UEL and the UCEL comps within the league table.
  20. Would anyone know how to seperate other continental to include adding a colour for 7th/third continental competition For example, I have edited my skin to show the following 1st - Champions (Green) 2nd - 4th - UCL (Blue) 5th - 6th - UEL (Orange) I am now just looking to add 7th - UECL (Light Green) Has anyone been able to do this? What code would I need to add to get it to work?
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