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  1. Thank you very much Jay! One from each would be awesome!
  2. Hiya, I'm having a nightmare understanding international competition editing and creating continental club tournaments that use clubs from more than one continent. Could someone help me creating an unseeded annual knock-out cup competition between the commonwealth nations listed here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Member_states_of_the_Commonwealth_of_Nations (with England/N.I/Scotland/Wales instead of Britain)? I tried to make it as an international competition and again for the top division champions and neither worked. Any ideas?
  3. Spagbol

    Name in the Game 2011

    http://www.mirrorfootball.co.uk/news/Download-new-Football-Manager-2011-strawberry-demo-for-FREE-NOW-EXCLUSIVE-Plus-win-the-chance-to-have-YOUR-name-in-the-new-game-article607405.html Wasn't a rumour, it was run via The Mirror and myoffers.co.uk. You can read about it here on the Mirror's site.
  4. Spagbol

    Name in the Game 2011

    Nope, last year it was Name in the game. I was wondering if it would run again this year.
  5. Will there be a competition to have your name included as a newgen this year?
  6. Do feeder/parent clubs affect the nationality of the kids coming through your youth setup? Have you fixed the issue from a couple of years back where if you had Brazilian or any other non-eu kids come through your academy, they all magically had English as a second nationality?
  7. I wonder if SI will consider doing a name in the game entry via the forums without all the spam stuff?
  8. Was it? I don't understand why SI don't mention it on their site or the forums. Or even comment on it in this thread. Name in the game's always really popular.
  9. I think it says your entry will only be validated after you've had calls from the three companies, so fake details may not work. Is the competition even real SCIAG? I can't find Miles mentioning it anywhere in his updates and it seems like the kind of thing he would. It's hardly as if face/name in the game's ever been anything but popular.
  10. If so are SI offering a way for us to do it without all the spam? They've not mentioned it here yet
  11. Any word from SI on this?
  12. In fact, I can't find it listed anywhere on the SI site. Can they conform this is genuine and not a scam?
  13. Totally agree. Huge waste of time.