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  1. What league are you playing in? I think it's decided simply by your league placement, and in larger leagues it could be up to 3rd or 4th, while if your league has, say 8 (or less) teams, only 1st would count... It's a bit stupid as a four team race coming to the last matchday won't be counted as a title challenge if you finish 4th, but you could complete a "title challenge" while staying in 2nd (off by 10 points even) during the whole season... Other than that, I've seen this being simply a bug.
  2. I think it's great we can tell the players who throw a fit because a bid for them was rejected "sorry, the finances weren't right". What I would like to see here is an option to say "sorry but we're looking for future incentives", as in future fee / future profit %. I'd say as a small club selling players to bigger clubs, I care more about this than the exact fee I get immediately.
  3. Teams do not gain any points for the results before Group stage. The points are awarded based on the stage they were eliminated, only group stage and further wins/draws award points. https://www.uefa.com/memberassociations/uefarankings/club/about/ So the points for Aberdeen and Kilmanrock are correct - 2 points for 3rd qual. round elimination, 2.5 points for play-off elimination. Some applies to Rangers - since they qualified for the EL group stage, they are guaranteed minimum three points. However, through their results, they are correctly awarded 5 points. Celtic get 4 points for CL group participation and 4 points for their results, so 8 points total is correct. You're right that the country coefficient is wrong though.
  4. This happened again, I only got 11 medals. I went through last year winner's squad and many of their players are also missing the cup medal. There must be some error in the database of the Czech cup that only 11 medals are ever distributed, and then when the game tries to give them out to any player who appeared, it only has 11 slots for say 20-25 players, so it chooses at random.
  5. This is probably due to how the league is split in three parts after the 30 games, but - I have definitely secured the title a long time ago. I'm leading by 30 points, there is one game to play and five in the Championship Group, so mathematically no one can catch up to me. But it seems like this will only be calculated after we actually get to the Champ group. Then I keep getting weird messages like these. Also, it says I have mathematically confirmed the 1st place. So I guess it really is done on a stage-by-stage basis? Is there any way this can also take in account the future stages, or would it be too much of a change? EDIT: Yeah, after I entered the champ group (so after the 30th matchday finished), I immediately got the title
  6. The revised rules of Europa League from 2021/22 do not have the "Teams from same nation cannot meet" rule during the qualifying rounds. See below: Opava and Slavia from the same association meet. Champions League and Europa Conference league do have this rule.
  7. Not sure what happened here, but I'm pretty sure caretaker managers who managed to win all of their... 1 games don't usually get the Manager of the year awards
  8. Almost no matches are televised in the Europa League, which is really weird as in reality, I doubt there is even one game in the group stage that is not broadcast.
  9. #1: Well, only in the screenshot you can see players who started the final and didn't receive the medal. #3: Started the second season. It's just weird that I'm in the pre season but it still counts as the old one, not the new one...
  10. Taha Mourid (13222358) and Mourid Taha (95079028) seem to be the same player
  11. It's really not good that the loan end date defaults to 30 June (in most of Europe at least, but the same issue maybe occurs for Dec 31?); the leagues are long finished by then, for many teams the pre-season already starts, but the players are still present at the other club and cannot take part in my pre-season. For example, I am now playing in the Czech republic. My pre season started in early June, but I have about ten players out on loan. I would like some of them to take part of my pre season (and also stuff such as super cups), but I can't. The league starts in early July, so I will have to integrate the players right into competitive matches... I think this can't be intended behaviour? Surely there is something very wrong here.
  12. Hi, I have another issue. It seems that Vaclav Jemelka from Sigma Olomouc is not properly linked with his past achievements. 1) It seems the team won the 2nd tier in 2016/17, according to his history Jemelka played 7 games that season. He doesn't have the trophy listed in his Competitions achievements in his history. 2) For the 2017-18 young talent, it looks he won that, but the player name is unclickable and the player doesn't have it in his bio. Also the case with Jiri Kulhanek from Sparta, placed second in the same year. Jemelka also isn't linked to 2017-18 Defender of the year 2nd place.
  13. Hello! I have three issues. Issue #1: Czech cup medals So, I won the cup and got the message that 11 players got the winner medals as they have played at least one game. Naturally, I played much more than 11 players throughout the cup run. In the attached screenshot, you can see the final match and several players in the line-up who are not listed in the inbox item. Also you can see one of the players (Jemelka) who has no entry in the Competitions tab. Issue #2: Czech league record The record tab in the Czech league says that Sigma Olomouc is the record holders of most league wins in a season, 30 in 2017/18. That's obviously not right (the league's got 30 matches!) - see for example here https://www.worldfootball.net/schedule/cze-1-fotbalova-liga-2017-2018-spieltag/30/ Issue #3: Season end/start dates This is really weird. The league ends in late May (some play offs in very early June), pre season starts in June, the league starts in July. Yet I'm in late June and still not in the new season.
  14. Rostislav Baduar (25062444) should be Rostislav Badura https://www.sigmafotbal.cz/b-tym/hrac-365-rostislav-badura
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