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  1. Just a note, it wasn't working for me but a system restart and trying again forced the issue. Can't see how this can be an SI fault, but then Steam have never done this with another game I've used so...oh well, always help in the forums regardless. Thanks all.
  2. I've just tried this - I even counted mississippily. It's fine, it's just delaying me shouting at Arshavin. If a full restart doesn't help...erm...perhaps I can verify another 48 times
  3. Same fun, fun error for me. I've followed the instructions and the update has been downloaded/cache verified multiple times, but to no avail. Never had any issues with Steam before so I'm not going to start calling for heads to roll. Tis mildly annoying, especially as I've switched it on to play as NBA 2K12 has been spanking me all evening. FM, you're not giving me the comfort I was hoping for...
  4. After saying this would begin in England...well, it hasn't. Job 1 African Warriors, South African First Division Inland I take the role on a part time basis (what else am I going to do?). The club has a wage budget of £250pw which we are currently £4pw over. The good news is that we are predicted to finish 9th in the league. The bad news is that there are only 9 teams in the league. Not a clue where I can move to from here but it's a new experience and that's the whole purpose of this. Squad League
  5. Welcome one and all (or just one). I have tended to play one club a la the Dafuge challenge since FM08 but this year a journeyman save beckons alongside the pesky challenge. This is that journeyman save. I will aim to start in England but as per the rule (look right) I could end up anywhere - in Hodgson style the only rule I will impose on myself is that I will have to accept any job offers I receive after the first role I pick, even if I am in employment. Leagues loaded are as follows: Argentina (It's not Brazil) Belgium (Never played here before) England (The proving ground) France (Dallied in the past but it's a league system that has always seemed very tight) Germany (No experience here at all but it's another option) Holland (Had huge amounts of fun here in the past with Ajax) Italy (Much like Spain later on, this is a must pick really for any genuine career) Malaysia (To spice up the CV) Mexico (The spice thing would work better here really...darn) Scotland (I quite fancy taking a smaller team and breaking the stranglehold) Spain (Had to be picked) I get through seasons fairly quickly (despite the FM star rating) and am open to any questions/requests for screenshots etc. Lurkers welcome as well. Time to holiday and see where the FM fairy places me. Oh, and before I forget, manager profile here.
  6. Go Hastings indeed. Just to balance this, my Hastings can't buy a win in League 2. Literally. We can, however, score Beckham-esque goals against keepers with Formula 1 names.
  7. League 2 - not so good. When you finish a home game with a 2-1 loss and you have 2 shots and the opposition has 25, you're in trouble.
  8. Not a good start to League 2 - Andy Flowers, keeper extraordinaire, declared himself unhappy and has been sold to Championship Bristol City for £65k. Not what I had hoped for but I don't want unhappy players in the first team. Hopefully, and it's a bit touch and go, a very good Spaniard may join in his place - slim pickings for keepers at the moment.
  9. Very interesting read Ridleys - Borini will become an absolute pain quite soon (I have a small vendetta against the chap...) Interesting that you drew pretty much the same number of games in the second season but switched 10 losses to wins. Great turnaround.
  10. Hastings United - BSP - 2013/14 Predicted - 15th Finished - 2nd (Promoted via playoffs) Promoted twice in two years and, to be honest, it had to happen - after spending two seasons in the BSS my 1st XI was packed full of 'good' players (for the level not, like, actually good...) I almost sabotaged the promotion bid by continuing to play without wingers (*this is not FM10*) and then switching to 3-1-3-1-2 (which didn't work). I ended up going back to the drawing board, and analysing (briefly) exactly which teams dominated me and the formations they were using. This led to the current formation of 4-1-2-2-1. You can see the difference this made to the season here *hint - when the line goes up, we were using wingers* Cups really didn't feature this year - We went out to Yeovil in the first round of the FA Cup. Yawn Players of the season Daryn Hennessey - When I decided to use wingers I had a slight problem - I didn't have any. So, I had a chat with one of my reserve left backs and asked him to play as a winger. He had no experience of the role, and I had little hope. He was excellent - one of those quirks in FM that make it as addicting as it is. Neal Lawson Neal filled the AMR gap. For this he was paid £9 p/w. Absolute bargain - again, it's the quirky players that you aren't sure about that end up being the best signings. Aaron McLean Aaron was originally brought in to replace Ricketts but has become my main striker (after you know who threw a hissy fit) - always reliable from the bench, not as good when he starts but should still cut it in League 2. Top scorer and highest assists for the season belong to he who won't be named. He doesn't exist anymore so neither do his records. If you don't know what I'm talking about...you're lucky. Goal of the Season Borini Vs Morecambe (He can have this one just because I think it's the only free kick we have ever scored) Plans for League 2 - don't get relegated. My squad might be ok to do this but I'm struggling to find any quality players to join me. --Ends-- In response to rules followed etc I don't:- 1) Scout players based on others updates 2) Loan players unless they are realistic and no better than my current squad I do:- Everything else
  11. @wriches Don't say that name. It has been expunged from the history books
  12. I go out for one evening and there are 1000 updates to read. Dafuge has even popped up! I will update tomorrow but, as this is on my phone, it would take an age. I must say though that pre-season before my first league 2 game I am struggling to find the gems others have found. Piquionne did say he would join...for 64k a week - but that's about it. Other people have signed Harewood whereas I have signed a Madagascan international. Coming in a few days - Hastings relegated to the BSP
  13. The traitor has been sold to Bradford, who are also in League 2, for £110k. He will have no legs left when he finishes his first game against Hastings.
  14. Hastings reach League 2 (how, God only knows) For all of my fans - I know there aren't any, but it makes filling up this box seem a little more worthwhile - a full season review will follow tomorrow as I'm not around much now. Breaking news from the club though is that whiny Fabio Borini is still after a move to a bigger club EVEN AFTER WINNING AT WEMBLEY. This is a Chimbonda moment and he will be treated as such. He may well be the only person on our favoured personnel list and the commentary may describe him as a Hastings legend but, he's a goner. A game shouldn't annoy me this much...but it has (see conversation with Borini) - half tempted to make him rot in the reserves for the duration of his contract.