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  1. Another one 32nd minute. Lost 2 points because of cancelled goal. Hudson-odoi was behind the goalkeeper and goal scorer Pulisic was onside. Arsenal - Chelsea.pkm
  2. Another one. 14th minute, Werner was offside but goal scorer Pulisic wasn't. Werner wasn't interrupting goalkeeper either. Can we finally get some feedback in this subject? Leeds Utd - Chelsea.pkm
  3. As the title says I had a free kick in the extra time at the end, next to the penalty box and ref has ended the game. Fulham - Chelsea.pkm
  4. I had exactly the same issue. I was able to unfreeze with pressing space or clicking on the awaiting media reaction element
  5. Roma - Hellas Verona.pkmAnother one scored by Reynolds 54:20
  6. I'm having a couple of lags per game too since update
  7. Yes, it's happening every time I rearrange those stats and leave the screen
  8. This is very annoying bug, the tablet with all the stats and formations goes transparent from time to time and I can't see anything on it.
  9. This is super weird, I'm managing Schalke, had a game with Arsenal in the Europa League and after the game I got a talk with Arsenal players. After talking with Arsenal players I had a talk with my players. After both talks the game hanged at 'waiting for media reaction'. + Before the end of the game my ass man suggested to change Jonny Evans (Arsenal player) as he's not performing well. I pressed 'Do it', perhaps it's related? Uploaded save file with name 'Janusz Bonczur - Schalke 04.fm'.
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