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  1. transfers need an overhaul. selling a player for his market value is near on impossible unless you make it as payments over 24 months ans buying a player at his market value or possibly slightly more (as is what happens the majority of the time in reality) is impossible. when you get budgets of for example 10, 20, 30, 40 million most of it goes on one player as you are forced to pay at least double their value most of the time. eg i wanted vicente for me lw spot in my liverpool side, i paid 26mil for him (including add ons etc.) and there is no way in hell he would go for 26mil in reality
  2. Give the option to take the first team squad on a training camp, like with rafa benitez and the portugal trip before barcelona. I think it would be good and would increase morale in the team before a big match, like the example i gave, you can choose the length and to which location you go to. Also make it more realistic buying and selling prices. Paying 20mil (including bonuses/add ons) for Dani Alves was to me extremely unrealistic considering the price being touted around for him atm and having nobody in the premier league, serie a, primera liga wanting to buy craig bellamy, who i feel is a useful striker but not up to liverpool standards (my opinion, for my game) was also unrealistic
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