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  1. Thanks for your suggestions. My tactic looks like this for now. We are good in the league. I can make DL standard against fast strikers. I will update the post.
  2. Thanks for suggestion. But I'm also curious about your thoughts on the roles. We have to play the pass and move game. I agree with you. But what should be the roles? How should the setup be? This is the main thing I want help with
  3. Thanks. I didn't know the width and counter press worked in this style. It was good that I learned that. My goal in this tactic was to create diamonds on the edges and finish quickly. As you said and as I mentioned above, we had a penetration problem. I could not see any change in WF position. But I will try changing DL and LOE. One last question is what kind of a team would you build with these players?
  4. Hello. I am in a team with many quality players in the squad. What kind of setup should I do? How do you think I can get the most efficiency? I made the current ability ranking. The good players were above, as I usually think. I want to create a tactic for these good players. I am the best team in the league. I have to play a dominant game. 1. Momic 2. Turnbull ( Quite below the list above but very talented ) 3.Mahmut 4.Paulo 5. And my braveheart The tactic I am currently using. We have a penetration problem
  5. I'm sorry for writing late. I'm busy these days, I'll try what you said and give feedback in a few days. I just wanted to reserve.**
  6. Thank you. At first I was using a split block. I am unsure about this. I apply a split block to players in the Am position. Should I apply it to Mez-attack? And when DOK-sup / def is used instead of HB, isn't the defense so lonely? Finally, you suggest High Line of Defense and High LOE, right? So you apply it that way. Did I get right?
  7. Hello, thanks for your advice. I play in a very narrow area because I want an underlap run. Is this wrong? And will dlp be able to run into space like a bbm? I mean, wouldn't the midfield be too stable? So I think underlap plays an important role in vertical tiki taka. I think players running into the void can be very valuable. Can DLP do this run? And my bbm player contributed assists almost like a playmaker. This is really amazing. The teams that I have difficulty in tactics are not bus parking sets. I can't beat stronger teams than me. (Like Milan, Inter, Lazio, Juve). Does it mea
  8. Hello there. I'm trying to play some kind of vertical tiki taka. I know there are ready-made instructions in the game, but I can see each instruction myself so that I can understand it. What are the mistakes in tactics in your opinion? And now I have a few questions. 1-) Sometimes I use standard press and split block. However, I think this is better. What do you think ? 2-) Sometimes I use DLP-def instead of HB. Ambarat is more convenient. I think HB is more aggressive and DLP is more technical. Is this opinion correct? 3-) Since the movements in tactics ar
  9. Thank you. I will try. So, remove mark tighter and defend narrow. I hope the developments will be positive. Happy New Year
  10. I watched a few matches and made some changes. Especially I noticed that playing the game from the wing is pointless (as you said). Showing players only one way prevents others from doing it. And I turned to my 3 defenders. This is my tactic for now. I have a few problems. I don't understand if it was a gamer mistake or a mistake in tactics. I told my right-back player the instruction to aim cross. And I found 4 goals in 5 matches. WTG did the job. However, the score is usually 3-3 or 4-4. I score goals. However, they rate us a lot. And most of them are long shots. I could not find
  11. I am confused about LOE. Thank you for your answer. I think I have misinformation about LOE. I was generally considering them as average positions. However, your explanation was very helpful. I will make a few changes. It's about LOE and team structure. And I'll watch a few matches in the game. This will help me understand. one last question ; What would you fix in Tactic other than LOE? My full back players have very defensive qualities. I'm thinking of the 3-5-2 lineup. Any suggestions?
  12. Just Strikers. my aim is to use the target man and throw the ball at him. I'm not sure about that. It doesn't make sense to be loe higher. but wouldn't the target man play the ball in midfield instead of offense when LOE is lower?How can I attack if the place where the ball meets the midfield. Because the target man will score.Am I wrong about LOE? Can you please inform about this? My right back. He is not very resourceful, as it seems. My full back and defenders are only capable of playing the NCB role. Maybe three-person defense? What do you suggest ? Please infor
  13. Hello there. happy new year everyone. I have a very weak team. The goal is not to fall out of the league. I have tall men. I am trying to create a tactic using them. I read the articles on the forum about WTG. However, they were all jobs in good teams. What can we do with a low team? İts my tactic. how can i improve this tactic ? So , I play from the left wing because fb and cb have pretty bad features. I want to set the game long and serve the game from the left wing. I use dlp because I want a player to collect the balls spinning in the midfield and throw the long ball
  14. At this point I need advice. When I play fast, the player features are insufficient. And I don't have very technical players when I play slow. Will keeping the tempo balanced fix the whole problem? And will the tactic be consistent if I use a different pace against each team? What I want to explain is that instead of playing with a single tactic, could a tactic that I made small touches in the match make more sense?
  15. Yes. You are right to determine the tempo in the match. But; What I want to say is different. Let's give an example. I dream of a fast paced game like Bielsa. However, my players' decision-making skills are poor. Can I play ? They have to wait before making a decision. That's why I have to play a low tempo match. I think this way. Do you think this is true?
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