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    im not good in this game xD thats why i ask stupid questions

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  1. something like this ? i also want long balls but then i have to turn off play out of defence right ? and then bpd instead of normal cd ?
  2. I was thinking of doing an inter save because I'm belgian and like the lukaku lautaro link, I don't want to play with 3 cbs but I want to keep that kind of formation so I was thinking of a 4132 or 41212(442 narrow diamond) with a cdm dropping between the 2 central defenders and wingbacks (on the same height as the cdm ) i want lukaku to be the main man and lautaro who has to roam/run around lukaku i guess af is the best role for lautaro then but what is lukaku's role i was thinking of a TM or CF maybe a DLF on supp and the cms maybe a car on both side so that they can create little overlaps with the wing backs ? and a bbm in the middle with a halfback ? something like this , any changes you would make ?
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