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  1. Ok so I only readily noticed it with FM20, had tried a few different programs but didn't have the same results. Logged back into league of legends today and bang, speed tests of 0.2Mb/s, suffice to say it isn't an FM20 issue so this can probably be archived/removed. Edit: I've solved it. Glad we didnt get to wasting anyone's time with logs. Lenovo Nerve Sense has an auto enhancement feature, it's been on for as long as I can remember and includes "Network Priority" - giving priority to the game in question, disabled it and speeds are normal.
  2. Hi @Lucas Thanks for getting back to me. Results are as shown below (Mbps); Without FM Ethernet DL: 27.67 UL: 5.58 Ping 23ms Without FM Wifi DL: 27.12 UL: 5.47 Ping 23ms With FM Ethernet DL: 0.42 UL: 0.26 Ping 23ms With FM Wifi DL: 0.49 UL: 0.22 Ping 23ms I am aware of the potential issues with throttling, peak times and Wifi's generally intermittent performance but the issue does appear to be specific to FM20. Using a BT Smarthub, previously on automatic detection for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands, have since split and tested on each with no change. I've flushed my DNS but unfortunately discovered that a manual static DNS cannot be set on this router. It's limited by BT themselves in its design. No Proxy or VPN running during, have IPVanish installed but it's closed and inactive.
  3. Should also note that I'm running on WiFi, but have tried ethernet and splitting WiFi bands and such, to no effect.
  4. Hi 😊 Just tested, no joy, drops to the same speeds.
  5. So I have a strange issue. I can have ANYTHING else running on PC, broadband throughput is fine, 27Mb/s download but within 5 seconds of FM20 loading, download drops to 0.20-0.70Mb/s. I've searched far and wide and cannot find an answer. I've tried to troubleshoot the issue re: AV/Security, Network Drivers, Router Settings, Windows Settings, Verified Game Files, Cleared Cache and Preferences. The issue isn't present 100% of the time, but on days like today, it doesn't stop being present. If I close FM20, my speed is fine within seconds. Running on up to date Windows 10 Home Edition. Lenovo Legion Y520 i7-7700k GTX1050 4GB 8GB 3000mhz memory
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