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  1. Hi Francis, Thanks for getting back to me. I believe I've uploaded the file, should be called Vallecano.fm. Please let me know if I've done something very obvious/stupid which I can correct! Straight away you can see if you go back to 7th May on the news feed there's a post about a player called "Farina" wanting to move away because I wouldn't guarantee playing time or anything. I've gotten to the point of just ignoring the B Team requests now as I'm not sure what else to do! Hopefully there's an easy fix as it's sort of spoiling an otherwise enjoyable save! Thanks.
  2. Hi there, I'm having a strange issue with my B team in the Spanish Second Division. I'm in my first season as Rayo Vallecano and have all my B Team responsibilities, including contract renewal, delegated. Despite this I'm still having young players approach me saying they feel they deserve a new contract, leaving me to either have to negotiate a new contract for a player who isn't going to be good enough (first season for a Second Division club, B Team ain't up to much!) or telling them no, whereupon they get annoyed with me and it's now my job to try and offload them. This seems like exactly the sort of thing that the HoYD/DoF should be dealing with doesn't it? I can go to the players profile and then use the drop down menu to get DoF to negotiate new contract, but this is frustrating as it is an extra step and currently I don't want to be offering new contracts really. I want the B Team manager to be deciding for himself who is good enough and who to let go! Anyone else have this issue?
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