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  1. Secondary question - with the training schedules posted in OP - Do you just plug them and use the appropriate one week on week? I've always let my assman do my training so never really messed around with training - hearing it is better to do your own this year?
  2. Any tips on what tactic/what sort of tactic may work with Leicester? Looked through the thread/spreadsheet but pretty overwhelming. Cheers
  3. What are the best shouts to use this year? I always used to go demand more/get creative
  4. Gonna start with Man U as my first save on new patch - which tactic should I go with?
  5. alright lads and lasses - still haven't took the plunge and bought FM21 yet has knap come up with a few decent tactics to make it worthwhile yet?
  6. Reading the last few posts I have to agree - I started a save with Brescia recently with knap's tactics. First season I was top of Serie A with no signings at xmas- ended up 10th after a slump. Fair enough - was happy with that. Second season signed players to strengthen - top of the league again at xmas and slump in Dec/Jan. So this means knap's tactics are unreal but what can be done to avoid the slump? Thinking of a new save with Napoli - do I just play Warrior home and away or is it worth having Kashmir as back up? I sometimes feel like it isn't worth using the
  7. Thanks for the reply - so just that i am clear we would be talking 3 tactics overall in this case? A home tactic - an away 4141 then a third 4141 SUS tactic as you linked to?
  8. Hey man - can I ask what you mean buy SUS sort main tab for 0 pts? Also what do you mean by ready made SUS?
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