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  1. Have now started a YouTube series for my Hexagon Challenge if anyone is keen on following the progress of it. Will be playing OFC Champions League Football very soon with Hamilton Wanderers https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLv9wQBeBvl8JPgR6st-elW-NEj58uTl6v
  2. Caversham - 2021/22 Manager Profile - Club Best XI - Club Awards League - Once again an unbeaten season, this time winning all 14 games (as a team from the previous season was relegated but no team came up to replace them) with them all being very comfortable Cup - Very disappointing. Lost in our first game in the second round, albeit to a good team. Not helped by the draw being made three days before the game and it having been 2 months since our final league game of the season prior. Transfers - Went bonkers again, improving the overall depth in the squad. Unlikely to do
  3. Caversham - 2020/21 League Table - Invincible, 16 wins from 16 games with only two of them being close. Team is way too good for this league, but no promotion in the NZ pyramid. Cup - Knocked out before I got here in the Third Round. Is played before the league so will have a real crack at that if I'm still here, although will be difficult as it also includes the professional NZ Premiership Teams. Transfers - Heaps of them. Half the squad was grey players when I joined so was able to really make an impact here, with the club being amateur and the signings working like the N
  4. Having a crack at this after really getting into the game last year. Being from NZ, I also added my own country in to make it a Hexagon challenge and have started off there with a team who look a good chance of claiming some silverware - Caversham AFC in the NZ Southern League. Hopefully will pick up some trophies here, step up to an NZ Football League Job soon enough and can pick up an OFC Champions League before heading offshore.
  5. EDIT - Whoops, Just carried on and the league fixtures have been released on 9th of July in game Hi there, I have been promoted with my team, Ergene Velimese Spor, from Turkey's 2. League Red but the 1. League fixtures haven't been made when they were supposed to be, on the 19th of June 2020. I have played on nearly a month further from this date, until the 8th of July, but there are still no league fixtures generated. I do have a file from the 12th of June in game, when a news item says it's a week until the fixtures will be announced. Are there any fixes for this, or will it sor
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