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  1. Remove in game editor

  2. Im playing an online game and Im worried others may use this feature. Im the host and did not remove the feature. Is there a way to remove it? Or is there a way to see if anyone has used it?
  3. Fixtures

    Sorry. Im in the van south in a network game. Some of us play on a saturday then again on the monday. Some play on a tuesday, my point is that we dont all play on the same day so we are forever waiting for people.
  4. Fixtures

  5. Fixtures

    I am playing my game and have fixtures, saturdays, mondays and wednesdays. Obviously not every week. How do I get rid of this? Do I select sat and wed matchday only? If so when will it take place?
  6. How do you add a defunct cup?

    I want to reactivate the cup winners cup
  7. If I added sub divisions etc would they automatically go into the fa cup and league cup or would I need to do anything?
  8. I want to add GB into world cup and euros and replace Northern Ireland, Scotland Wales and England
  9. National Teams League?

    I always wanted to see a British league. There was one done really well hell there was even a team GB instead of England. What let it down though was they had deleted the champions league and ueropa league. If it was me I would love to keep them and even have the cup winners cup back. that's just my opinion.
  10. Magnificent Seven Clan 2012

    Will you were 8th you got sacked and Brum went up. Thats the story right there.
  11. Magnificent Seven Clan 2012

    Not saying anything against you tush and I didnt say you spent it, I stated you had it in bank and was wealthiest also players wuld easily sign for you. dave had no transfer funds or very little.
  12. Magnificent Seven Clan 2012

    I make my votes based on how well each person has done and rightfully so. Let me explain, Tush in the first season had the most money to spend which was around 20-30 million and even though he was expected 13th it was made easier with his funds. Brighton was tipped for bottom 6 or so and made playoffs. Last season Dave went up which he was expecting a playoff and it is still a massive achievement however Tom of Hull took over when they were bottom and he went on a massive run of winning in order to pull clear which I thought was just as big achievement as tush. It has nothing to do with skype and if there are any queries I do not mind sharing who I voted for.
  13. Magnificent Seven Clan 2012

    i will be back Tuesday after a long absence and No doubt I would of won promotion in Birminghams place as I was way ahead of them. Assistant manager.... Your getting sacked my son
  14. Magnificent Seven Clan 2012

    breaking news!!!! Report just in Birmingham City manager Will Donnally has had his second sacking in 2 seasons. I on behalf of Mag 7 News will delve into what really went wrong at St Andrews. I found time to ask Richard Thomson why he thought will got sacked. Richard said "he didn't blow Ched evans enough" Hmmmm not sure what i make of that. After asking his former board they had this to say... "Will is a compulsive Liar ...he promises he will win the leage and he cant even win the fans over... we were mid table damn it" Will is also a compulsive spender... over 20 million for a mid table finish? we should win every single game with that money" Well it may be a while before Will gets another job. I asked middlesboro for a quote on will but they said they dont want his name mentioned EVER!!!!!
  15. Magnificent Seven Clan 2012