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  1. Bump*****
  2. Im playing an online game and Im worried others may use this feature. Im the host and did not remove the feature. Is there a way to remove it? Or is there a way to see if anyone has used it?
  3. Sorry. Im in the van south in a network game. Some of us play on a saturday then again on the monday. Some play on a tuesday, my point is that we dont all play on the same day so we are forever waiting for people.
  4. Bump****
  5. I am playing my game and have fixtures, saturdays, mondays and wednesdays. Obviously not every week. How do I get rid of this? Do I select sat and wed matchday only? If so when will it take place?
  6. Info Provided

    Yes, would that be a problem?
  7. Info Provided

    No, I can usually control the first half, then when I make subs they dont take effect and the assistant does it. I then can't change anything
  8. Info Provided

    Also one of my brothers has the same issue and he does not have an assistant. Who is making the subs? We have only played friendlys at the moment.
  9. Info Provided

    In my network game I press continue and it advances 3 or 6 hours at a time. Is this normal? I assumed it would process a day at a time.
  10. Info Provided

    I am. I control the game and at half time i made subs. The subs did not come on and the assistant started making subs. I realised then that I no longer had control over my team.
  11. Hello, I have played every Fm since FM4 and before that Champ man 98. I have raved to my family about it and now me and my 3 brothers play. Since playing one session,they have seen damaging bugs such as the assistant making subs for me. The assistant Sometimes after half the match controlls the game. Now this has been out a few month surely it something that should be fixed. Its not setting a good first impression.
  12. I want to reactivate the cup winners cup
  13. If I added sub divisions etc would they automatically go into the fa cup and league cup or would I need to do anything?
  14. I want to add GB into world cup and euros and replace Northern Ireland, Scotland Wales and England
  15. I always wanted to see a British league. There was one done really well hell there was even a team GB instead of England. What let it down though was they had deleted the champions league and ueropa league. If it was me I would love to keep them and even have the cup winners cup back. that's just my opinion.