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  1. The entertainment value comes naturally from the satisfaction of the correct emulation of the job. SI should be crytal-clear which demands are justified, and which are not. Chasing multiple contradicting targets only drags the game from lows to lows.
  2. I don't think all gamers look for fun when playing games. I personally play games to be challenged, especially intellectually challenged. FM is a simulation game, meaning it looks to be as close to reality as possible. You play FM to imitate Guardiola, Klopp, Flick,... right? Does being a real-life football manager seem fun? I don't think so. If you look for entertainment, may I suggest PSG? Otherwise, it does not make sense to ask a simulation game to become simplified or cheaply entertaining.
  3. I think I emphasized 210 minutes, implying the law of large numbers. I have seen many 90-minute example before, so it is not that rare. But here is a 210-minute duration! 2.33 game! No underdog can last that long under this dominance.
  4. I said it before, now I say it again: Your game might not be scripted, but whatever definition of SI for CCC is horribly @$&£ up. It is severely misleading, causing the perception of a really one-sided game favoring human, only to leave us wonder:"HOW COULD WE NOT WIN WITH THAT DOMINANCE OF CCC?". The recent real games I see that kind of dominance finished like this: BM 8-2 FCB BM 8-0 S04 How could I never win that much over 10 years of FM? I never had that dominance? Open your book, show me one occassion that one team had that dominance over 210 MINUTES (!) but could not win, and I rest my case.
  5. According to the screenshots, the type of issues we have is RNG seems to mess with us so much that many gamers think the game is scripted. So, tell me, what kind of tactical advice we need to be more lucky.
  6. Really? I have joined the forum recently, but in the topics I have seen so far, the responses usually are:"It is your tactics", "They parked the bus, you played attacking, of course you can't score", "They countered you, 1 ST vs 2DCs, of course it was clear-cut and they can score". I have never seen:"Uhm, I agree with you that crosses are a little over-powered this year...", "Uhm, let us compare collected 1-on-1 data from gamers and compare with statistics with Opta to see whether 1-on-1 is favored to GK or not, and come back to you soon." I believe there is no perfect game and I can live with it: Even the legendarily balanced game like Starcraft 1 still received balancing updates for decades. However, what I feel is SI seeks explanation favoring ME first, rather than noting and checking whether it is the imbalance of ME first. "Where there is a complaint, there is a mistake of gamers" is the mentality here. The ME is "accomplished" by default, anything against it is a mistake of gamers.
  7. OMG... Time: 210 minutes Shot: Human 11-2 ME CCC: Human 10-0 ME Score: Human 2-2 ME Let me conclude: FM is not a skill-based game anymore. At the core, now it is gambling like roulette or blackjack. Screw tactics, pep talks, instructions, shouts... just throw 11 random men out there and pray for some luck or miracles. Because whatever you do, ME can still sucker-punch you where it is least expected and steal what you deserve. This is one of the reasons I feel less guilty of save scumming, "You cheated first, ME!". But then boredom catches up, and I spend more time ranting on the forum rather than playing in the game.
  8. Can you show me his post? It is hard to find the situation where SI admit they !@&^$&!^*&. ^^ From my experience: 1) Greenwood (Finishing 17, Composure 16, Technique 15, normal body language and performance), 3 games, shot 10 (some of them 1-on-1), on target 9, score 0. SI:"Your chance is not clear-cut!" 2) Andone (First Touch 13, Dribbling 13, Pace 14, nervous), received a GK counter-kick, ran through 1-meter channel between Tuanzebe and Maguire, beat Henderson 1-on-1. SI:"See? A clear-cut chance!"
  9. If I am disappointed with being FM'ed one, I am disappointed with the attitude of SI ten. They have a "valid" reason for every complaint about the match engine. To them, the game is fabolous, well-oiled, fine-tuned, proximate to perfection, that if there is anything wrong, it is the gamers. "It is not our fault, it is YOUR fault." Probably purchase with 75% discount if the review on Steam is Mostly Positive or above, until there is a better franchise rising.
  10. If you said, quoted, "Their Personality is separate from the other hidden attributes like Pressure." Then, what constitutes Personality, @HUNT3R?
  11. What does it mean? I am pretty sure personalities such as Light-Hearted, Spirited, Resilient implying high Pressure attribute. So it is so confusing when a player with such personality is nervous. The Pressure requirement for such personalities should be higher!
  12. I have not tried, but I am pretty sure it would be discouraged and unsuccessful. BF is decent to play playmaker, but not as good as Pogba and Neves. His career is done as far as I am concerned. How magical it is for a guy to play consistently with "get further forward" to get "come deep to get ball". So annoying FM, so annoying!!!
  13. So I have Bruno Fernandes in my team, who I ALWAYS play as AMC, AM-A. The point is for him to provide some assistant to Rashford (PF-A / AF), or sometimes even play as SS behind Rashford (PF-S) Then someday I was informed this fella self-learned successfully PPM "Come Deep to Get Ball", so my whole tactical plan goes to the trashbin. From a key player who scored quite often, now he scores less, hardly assist a live ball, and I am this close to sell him in the next transfer window. I understand players could pick up PPM from time to time, but at least those PPM should fit with his current training and roles been played. I even never play him with Support duty, how could he pick up that PPM?
  14. So what is the point of categorizing players by such personalities, just to see their behaviors contradicting and misleading gamers? Attributes' requirements for such personalities should be strictened! This kind of behavior goes as far as some players show overconfidence, then after "I expect a win", SAME players are nervous within the first haft! It goes back to my first post: What kind of human psychology goes from overconfidence to nervousness within minutes? If you know you are nervous easily, can you be often overconfident? Vice versa, if you are arrogant enough in your ability, can you switch to nervousness within minutes? Is it some kind of bipolar disorder? Ask yourself if this behavior makes sense to you.
  15. @HUNT3R Okay, I am playing a perfect example of this "glitch". Late stage of PL, my MU is running close with Liverpool, we are playing at home against Burnley. Ahead of game: Some of our players show overconfidence. I told them "I expect a win", positive reactions from most of the team. Now at 30 min, 0-0, I have not made any shouts so far, Bennacer (who was not specified as overconfident, Spririted, Evasive, Reserved) is being nervous. Can you explain? It is even stranger that he is "having a good game" at 7.00? If you want screenshots, I can send them to.
  16. 1) Pre-match: If I use "I expect a win", they will be nervous even earlier in this type of match. You can check yourself. 2) Using "the media has praised you..." should be implying: Hey guys, if you think you are as strong as media praises you, if you think that you can crush the opponent, go out there and do it. So basically I tell them arrogance should be expressed by actual performance, not just mental state. 3) The game is still 0-0. Then I don't understand the mental logic here. If they show over-confidence before match, the mental state should persist throughout the match.
  17. Alright, fair enough. It is the semi-final of CL, hence an important match. I am aware of the overconfidence through my AM, but I am aware of this "glitch" (that if I am being as demanding as "I expect a win", then they will be definitely nervous), so I choose "media has praised you..." The game went 0-0 to HT, most of the team are ~6.6. So I tell them "I am not happy", because they are arrogant before the match and gave a bad performance. Then around ~60 mins, some of them are nervous. WTH? I disagree with you that nervousness is because of pressure. Someone has high pressure like Bruno Fernandes (Evasive & Reserved) could be frequently nervous. So I think players are nervous whenever ME like them to be.
  18. Can someone explain to me how could my team be overconfident ahead (per my assistant), but then turn nervous in the match? How could someone be arrogant and nervous at the same time? No HT pep talk would make sense in that case.
  19. Have you read the posts carefully? 1) Look at Hoffenheim screenshots on page 1. The poster has 1 season of data where he created much more chances than the average, but converted reasonably less. 2) You can't say in general terms that his chances are in low quality. A chance is a chance. For a match he plays attack, there must be other matches AI plays ultra attack (said, AI Bayern vs AI Dusseldorf). And because he played Hoffenheim, there must be matches where he played defensively (against AI Dortmund for example). Hoffenheim is quite an average team, the stats should be converging close to the average in the long run, not that far away. Yeah, SI, maybe you forget to cover the your tracks in the stats page.
  20. I said I still sometimes won matches luckily, and also won matches when dominating. I had all similar match examples like above, you don't need to provide. My statement is that: given the same domination in match, AI (versus human) scores more than human (versus AI). So, to nullify it, we just need the data to show that over a large enough sample (said 1 season to keep variable changes at minimum), AI and human convert chances at similar rate when dominating the other.
  21. Please let me replace PERFECT/BEST by MOST OPTIMAL. AI makes the MOST OPTIMAL choices with the MOST OPTIMAL effect. With the same pep talks, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not work for human, but AI changes the pep talks choice to the one which works. Yes, I saw AI's players are nervous complacent, that's why I wrote MOST OPTIMAL now. AI only needs its players nervous and complacent LESS often than human, then it is an edge for AI.
  22. Let me put it like this, SI does not intentionally cheat, but your imperfect ME (the black box whose operations are only revealed in anecdotes to the public) creates the favor to the AI. AI makes all the PERFECT choices with the BEST effect: match preparation, TIs, pep talks, shouts,... While to human, for example, with the same pep talks, sometimes it works to full team, sometimes it does not work to anyone. There might be many more which I can't think of right now... But all the little details accumulate to an advantage for AI. What do you say?
  23. Or human can't see AI's match preparation, but who knows if AI can. If I instruct my team to prepare defend ground and defend disengaged, then in match AI's Salah crosses to Mane to score by a header, which leads to a discrepant result even if all things are equal.
  24. @HUNT3R Yeah, such data speaks more than thousands words. May you post data of all teams? There is one more thing is that you games must not be reloaded for any, because if they were, then the data is cherry-picked which will be skewed in your favoured. Hofenheim's data must be verify for that fact as well.
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