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  1. Was this going to be possible @Ben Allingham?
  2. Don't do it, it will only end in heartbreak.
  3. @Ben AllinghamI have lost my only save that will load but I did export my saves on google takeout last week, will it be possible to load that back in? I contacted stadia support who asked me to contact SI.
  4. Never worked for me and I also accidentally deleted the only save file which would load so lost everything now
  5. 14 years of building Coventry into the best team in the world down the drain for me.
  6. @Ben AllinghamHi, is there any update on this?
  7. I am also having this issue on stadia, however after exporting my save data my saves are nowhere near 200mb, they are tiny as show here: I am in the year 2034 so I was expecting mine to be 200mb going off others above.
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