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  1. I just said the saves don't work, won't load up, and referred to this forum as evidence that the developer is aware of the issue. How absolutely shabby and appalling of them to treat you like this. Please make a comment on their Twitter stadia page, we need to add our voices on any social media, I don't have Reddit but that could help. Let me know if you need any specific details of my refund, I'm on the phone now but I could fish out conversations on the laptop if they exist.
  2. And a pain in the arse to get a refund, every time someone tries to get one or make a complaint on social media they act like it's the first time they've heard about the issue.
  3. My save game is lost, wouldn't save and now won't load. None of the saves will load, so I've asked stadia for a refund and suggested they remove the game from the stadia store until it's fixed. It's bad faith to sell a game that doesn't work, which many players discover after a season or two, having played beyond the maximum two hours stadia set as the limit for a refund. It's such a shame, I had already bought the game on Steam but with a slow laptop I bought it again on Stadia hoping for a better experience, which it was until this issue. I will wait for Steam to provide a cloud service now before I buy the game again, if I do. I suggest anyone affected add a comment to the stadia Twitter post on football manager 2020, they seem to respond to that quite quickly and it provides a warning to future customers. I'll take down my own tweet if the issue is fixed.
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