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  1. thanks for the input i will change my dlf(s) to dlf(a)
  2. do u have any suggestion on how to improve my right flank(maybe change the ap to a winger?) the reason im using a mezzala, ap and an iwb on the right is cos i watched a video made by bustthenet gaming, and he explained that the mezzala can combine well with the ap and iwb to create interesting patterns. So far Ive not witnessed any "interesting patterns" so im not sure if its my tactic or the ME (it worked pretty well for others on fm19) as for the crosses part, my wb still tends to cross alot(i changed him to a fb(s) and somehow the number of crosses went down). i know the importance of width but i really just want my wide players, be it wingers or fullbacks, to prioritize recycling possession instead of crossing all the time.
  3. thanks for the suggestion man but what im looking for when i chose both higher tempo and WBIB is for my players to be moving the ball around quickly yet patiently, like how arsenal and barcelona played (i.e i dont want them shooting from outside the box when theres clearly a better option within the box, not sure if im making any sense). As for the pressing part, i used to have a higher LOE enabled but then my tactic became too aggressive, almost as if im stifling the opposition, so i decided to push back the LOE to allow the opposition to build up to create space for me. so tho i want to press the opposition, i dont want to be doing that in their half.
  4. My tactic stopped working a few weeks back (due to reputation changes and AI parking the bus) so I have been tweaking my tactic and this is what i settled with. However its still not working the way i hoped it would. Ive got a IWB(s) on the right flank so i added the instruction look for underlap on the right side and went for overlaps on the left. One issue ive noticed is that my inside forward would often run wide with the ball(even without PI) till he is surrounded by the opposition, in which case he would then go for a wayward cross that ends up nowhere, so i decided to add "sit narrower" to his PI such that he would have more support around him(Im not sure if this is a logical thing to do tho). Another issue ive noticed is that my regista has the tendency to shoot from distance even with instructions such as "shoot less often" and Pi such as "look for the pass rather than the shot" Ultimately im trying to achieve a high possession based tactic and have as few crosses as possible (i hate them) and more goals from through passes, so i would be really grateful if you guys can point out whats wrong with this tactic and how can i achieve my intended outcome. Thanks alot
  5. the thing is i didnt change my tactic in the first place, it worked and suddenly after 2 seasons its not anymore nah bro i dont want my goals be coming from crosses and set pieces, im trying to reduce crosses if anything, cos im trying to create beautiful goals if u know what i mean its not failing, im still beating most teams but its not working the way it did/shld
  6. Thanks man will try that out and see how it goes
  7. i see i think im gg to try that out do u hv any suggestion on what formation should i be using cos at this point ive basically signed lots of great players so im afraid that if i cant accommodate all of them there would be a rebellion in the dressing room
  8. thanks man i will try that out for a few games and see how it works will it work if i changed the AP to a B2B?
  9. ah crap that sucks, it took me weeks to perfect this tactic and i really dont wish to spend more time coming up with another one
  10. So im managing AC milan and I came up with my own tactic. Worked wonders for the first 2 seasons with lots of through passes and amazing off the ball movements, and an average goal looked like prime barca. However it seemed to have stopped working in my third season, and i noticed more crosses coming up and and now most goals are either headers or screamers. tried to tweak my tactics but none of the changes seems to be working. Please help me out
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