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  1. Hi @BuryBlade. I have tried that but on FMTouch and on Switch there isn’t an option to Add New Manager after 1 season so the only way that works is by the job becoming available. At the start of the career Diego Alonso is appointed Manager from Jan 2019. The advance 1 season works but only on FM20 full version on PC it seems. Thanks for responding though. If you know of another work around that’d be great!
  2. Hi @Muttley84. Thanks for the response. Where can I view this when setting up a new game? Advanced setup only allows to choose start date of career, there doesn’t seem to be option of “prevent control of teams with managers in place” box?
  3. Hi, I am playing FM20 Touch on Nintendo Switch and I’m really disappointed that I can’t seem to manage Inter Miami. I saw online that you can Add New Manager to Career and take over Inter Miami and retire existing manager on full FM20 version but Add New Manager is greyed out on Touch on the Switch. Really disappointed by this. If anyone knows a work around for this and can give advice that’d be great! Simply waiting for the job to become available isn’t good enough. If they’re in the game they should be manageable in my opinion. Thanks!
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