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  1. I am having some trouble adding custom kits, I have followed all the tutorials and nothing is working. At some point I had the home kit and not the away kit, but now it's neither. I have checked the config file and it should be working, anybody know what I can do?
  2. Oh yeah he hasn't played in like 2 years, I offered the contract as a joke and now I kind of want to recover him
  3. Well I have a 36~ year old Tadic in my team and he just signed a 5 year contract extension, so it definitely is possible
  4. Yeah the translations suck in this game, that's why I never play on dutch
  5. I once got somebody with an emoji in his name, I think it was the flag of Togo
  6. I would love that, started some save a a sim-into-the-future save, but Met. Police just got promoted and I had a really good save with them last year, so I couldn't not take the job. But I do think it would be more challenging with attribute masking
  7. I am kind of getting bored with my current Ajax save, I think it would spice it up a little if we could start one of these challenges when the new season starts. I am talking about those pre-game challenges (can't win anything with kids, etc.) Obviously only the ones that start at the beginning of the season
  8. Yeah that was a pre-game bug, they fixed it. But it was a nice surprise haha, just got 110 million for him.
  9. Didn't have to back up anything apparently, it works again. Thanks!
  10. I've restarted my phone today, didn't work either. So i'll try reinstalling the app, does that mean I will lose all my saves?
  11. Since last update, I think, all my logo's are gone. Only some unlicensed ones are still there, the national teams also don't have flags anymore As you can see, this looks weird
  12. I would love to be able to give my players a face, maybe make it a paid option in the store
  13. There also is a Bargain Hunter if you didn't know. I don't actually know what he does but I always assumed he is good at creating opposition reports
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