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  1. Another year further now, do you know what will happen if his contract runs out? Dont want to use the editor because I can un-select it and then I would get too tempted to use it
  2. Send one from 1.5 year later Its the swansea uni one, I also have one from a few years before I could send if that woul help.
  3. So I sold one of my players, in the january window and selected the end of the season option. But now it august and he has not left yet, is he staying until the January transfer window or is it glitched? I checked if Basel (the club he was going to go to) cancelled it but they did not. Its still on pending
  4. Okay season is finished, got my new transferbudget. And No, it definetly is not realstic I got 100k. The prize money should be around 3/4 million for what I achieved, I get that I cant have all off it but 100k is a bit cheap right?
  5. For example when you qualify for the group stage in the europa league you get ~3 million, each win is 500k and if you win the group its another million. Now I play in the welsh league, so how much money will I get at the end of the season if I get last in the group without winning anything?
  6. Is that an option on mobile? I dont think it is, it should be tho. But the problem is solved, I won the league and got to europe. Also sold him later
  7. I think I have one from right after, but not from before. Its now one year later and the wages didnt change anymore
  8. My player wages keep being raised during the season, I think he started at like 500/week and now he is at 2.6k/week. Wich is way more than I can spend
  9. Found it out! Just went to a championship team and got promoted and won the african cup of nations and I became continental 👍
  10. I have seen something about pictures in your files, but I cant seem to find it. I am playing with met. police and I want to place the real logo in its place, and player pictures on my regens. It just makes it more personal
  11. I wanted to sell my talent keeper for some money but I wanted to add a sell on percentage but I cant. Is there a way to do it?
  12. What if you give make the club, make yourself unsackable if you have the option. And just simulate till all the contracts are expired
  13. I want to find some regens with the second nationality from Ivory coast but I cant seem to find an option to sort by 2nd nationality. Is the option there? thx
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