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  1. Hi all, hoping someone can help... I’m running fm touch 20 on iPad and uploading files across via iTunes from my PC. Im struggling with ad boards - just getting the blacked out boards. I’ve downloaded all the files and updates in order and merged any updates. As far as I can see ive uploaded all the files to the relevant paths. I’ve also chosen and inserted the clubs fm.xml file for the Football Manager 2020/ads path The only one I’m struggling to find is the appropriate path for the video ads/ HD SD in the steam/steamapps path as there isn’t the relevant one on iTunes and wondered if this might be the issue? ie "simatchviewer_uncompressed" folder (this contains the video ads) into the "data" folder within your Steam installation folder (which is not located in the area of the first two folders):steam > steamapps > common > Football Manager 2020 > data Also, for iPad is this class as macOSX files or still windows files in the downloads? great work on the ads, I’ve used them practically every year just seem to be struggling this time round Thanks
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