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  1. O my word, what a shock to the system, the issue is under review. Should I pop back along in August to see if its been fixed? Why don't you press the matter with the people who are looking at it? You know giving the time frame it's only right...
  2. Any specific reason @Francis Mooney doesn't respond to posts directed directly at him? I mean surely aftee 9 weeks the small fix has been looked into? At this rate we may as well just wait for FM21 and hope you can get that one right? Steam possibly the way to go too....
  3. Hi. @Francis Mooney is there any update on getting this issue resolved? I don't quite understand why there isn't much urgency placed on getting this resolved? The game doesn't have a awful lot of time left for people to get into it before the new game gets released. Regardless of how much it costs people still pay to get access to this game and should have a fully working game, all features in order. Please take into account the issue was brought to your attention May 11th. That is approaching 9 weeks to get resolved......
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