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  1. Hi Marcussy, Let me help. In the old champ-manager days i never won the league with Westham..... The best i did was UEFA cup success and a 4th place finish after many many seasons. Fast forward to FM16 and i won the league with Newcastle in my 1st season, then on a different FM16 save i won the league with Westham in my 1st season plus in my 2nd season i won the champions league!! Take a moment, think about it and lets be honest......Westham and Champions league don't really fit together do they. DasMagicMullet is correct in his analysis based on his experience. I can personally say that the game has become easier but that doesn't have to apply to all players of the game. Success in the game and the ease of the game is all relative.
  2. Gotcha, its good to hear some very honest accounts of playing the game. Perhaps it’s just something that i love, have been involved in and really enjoy in general. I think the ease with which you can navigate around or through the options in each category has helped me. I also have a strong playing DNA and coaching idea.... so pre, in-game and post decisions have never been stressful for me in these areas. Player hunting and contract negotiations were fairly straight forward as well. Having to deal with a Director of Football was hard for me and that took some time to get to grips with. Sounds like i have been lucky and missed some really bad FM games as well (for example, FM05 as you wrote). Thanks for sharing your experiences and comparisons
  3. Hahahahha....sorry for the late reply. That is mental. I am still laughing at the 2 miles down the road comment ....he sounds like a proper special player! ...best of luck with him and the situation, i am lost for words and advice.
  4. With a foreign player who is a new signing, normally what has worked for me is bringing a similar-calibre-player into the club who can either speak the same language as him or comes from a previous team he played on.
  5. An interesting comparison which was nice to read. You were very honest in your analysis which was very good of you. I agree that players were very key back in the old days. I feel that tactics were still important and were part of the game but very often people employed a simple idea of ‘get the right players for my tactics’. The tactics section has developed since the old days but way too much has been made of it, in my opinion. It almost feels like the actual players have been forgotten about and tactics is everything. You are the first ‘older’ player I have heard about who struggled to adapt to FM. I don’t know how old you are so I apologies if the ‘older’ tag offends you. I never played any FM games until FM16. Before that time, I was Champ-Manager for quite some time (yes, I am probably one of the older guys in this forum). I had no problem getting back to the game and I have never been sacked etc… To be honest I found the game very logical. The only hard part was at the beginning to understand Steam and how it functioned in me being able to play the game. LOL. I was very impressed with how the game had developed, the options it gave and features it had. A logical sequence was easy to have with coaches, training, delegation of duties, tactics, player searches. Also navigating around was clean and easy to do. Your honest account does make me wonder if my time in the game (real life) has helped me better play the FM simulated version. I would like to close by asking a personal question. Have you ever played football to a pro or semi-pro level? Have you ever played football and had to learn different positions or different roles within a tactic?
  6. An interesting comment which has many topics within it. The area which interests me is '...... As noted my others and many threads in this forum, the game for a beginner is almost an obstacle course of confusing wording, things not meaning.... ' This is true and I remember back in the old Champ Manager days…trying to figure everything out and work my way through the obstacle course, as you say. Champ Manager was not for the feint-hearted. You needed passion, commitment and a strong desire to play the game which back in those days was very different and more for the hardcore football fan. It definitely was not as popular as it is today. The dividends now, which is paying out bigtime during these corona times, is that an old skool champ manager player can now pick-up and play quite easily the new FM games. As you wrote 'But when you actually know how to play FM, there isn't a whole lot more to it' I firmly believe, there are 2 key factors as to why an old-skool Champ player can have a 10-15 years break from the game and then come back to play it, have success and find the whole process relatively easy: 1. Back in the day, we had no forums for quick help or easy fixes. It was literally your mates helped you out or you were all on your own. Finding another player of the game was like finding gold or oil at the bottom of your garden….absolutely epic! It was sink-or-swim in many ways and those who did not have the passion, found it too difficult and lost interest in the game….then…. they gave up! 2. Developing tactics and finding the right players have always been the foundation of the game. I will aim to say the next part with respect and fairness. Tactics was not so much asked about or talked about back in the old champ-manager days. It was more about sharing player names and talking about epic players you found or bought. There was a sense of ‘you’re a manager so you should be able to take care of the tactics’. With that mentality, a certain strong management style was generated and it is very visible on today's forums. For example, this very thread / topic of conversation.
  7. In my FM20 club save, I have bought 2 keepers and sold 2 keepers. All for low amounts of money. When buying it's great but it sucks when selling. Not sure if it's a bug but I saw the low-keeper-love trend developing early in season 2 of my save and it has my got any better so far.
  8. There is already a way to make the game easier for those that need it. If you take a moment to think about things your difficulty level suggestion is already possible to a certain extent. In-game editor Reload and play again if you lose, player gets injured, negotiations fail etc… These 2 things can help you ‘adjust the level of difficulty’. For me the above 2 things are cheating but learning from your mistakes or changing whatever you can with the in-game editor will help you. I do not know what the in-game editor is capable of but by the sounds of it, you can do pretty much whatever you want.
  9. The player who has caused me the least amount of trouble (zero) is Name: Charlie Taylor Position: Left Back Cost: 12.75M from Burnley Season Purchased: 2019/20 Total time at club: 4 complete seasons. In a nut-shell: We signed a contract and he has never asked for a pay-rise or any changes. He comes in, trains well, plays well on game day, goes home and then does it all again. When a new number 1 left back was signed, in the second season 20/21, and his playing time was affected, he never complained and became a great number 2. An absolute privilege to have him in the squad. Of course, his medal cabinet is full but, in my experience, it’s not often you sign a player who creates zero fuss. Normally they develop egos or their agents become a problem to handle. Be cool, to hear if there are others.
  10. I have never had an issue with playing time versus expectations. So far, I see no signs that it is buggy. There is a way to check what your player expects over the next couple of matches, if they are happy with their playing time and if a player is concerned it can be managed over the season. The only area i have noticed that something is critical for players is if you have 'Star-players'. They will demand starts and hate being subbed-on. Paul Pogba even had a meeting with me about it and that became a promise from me to start him in more games.
  11. You explain your reason well enough and I respect that. It might not be everyones cup of tea. I play each game with no bias or expectations based on previous FM’s. Each game has it’s own AI and ME with other features changing as well. If FM20 is not to your liking, fair enough. I personally found it to be not that bad, even though its not mind-blowing or amazingly great. Hence, my previous suggestion.
  12. Nice comment however, with respect, I disagree with your analysis of Covid-19 and its effect on Football Clubs. The financial implications will last a lot longer than 1 season. The fixture list / footballing rules.... is not a major issue. There is not such an entanglement as you describe. I don’t have time to explain or go into detail but the delayed release date will enable a better coherent schedule and FM21 game to be obtained. The fixture list ‘issue’ is not really SI’s to fix…... All individual footballing bodies organise their own schedules and rules WHICH FM21 WILL SIMULATE. So in essence, it’s a waiting game on SI’s part. Referring to Neil Brock’s post on July 30th. It’s not just been harder from a production perspective – it doesn’t help that the world of football that we aim to simulate in our games is also in such a world of flux. Some leagues have confirmed their plans, some are still up in the air (although we are very much ‘in the loop’ with many of the possible decisions), the transfer window has moved in England at least, there are new emergency rules that may, or may not, be present next season. And there’s a lot more besides. The final point is what interests me. A lot more besides could be your ME fixes that many of you want as well as many other things. We will wait and see.
  13. Winning the UCL with a Scottish club is a very big achievement. Bravo to those who can do that. I would say that is a massive challenge which could take a lot of years. How many seasons did it take you @ray27?? Also, Celtic in the championship etc… that’s up to you mate.
  14. That is mental. The young lad has balls!!!...talk about shoot from the hip and be direct!!!! Can we see his stats. Is he a really good prospect for you? Injury prone?
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