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  1. I have a quick question... maybe it's already been asked. The BETA pre-release version will be nice to play but as with FM20 can you continue your save of the pre-released version once the game is officially released??
  2. I don't look at attributes, i look for personalilites. I need me a 4-6 different types of characters in my team: 1. The party boy - play hard and party hard 2. The professional - yes sir, write your name into the history books and get lots of awards 3. The young rookie - arrogant with a lot of talk but he can produce when it matters on the pitch 4. The player with a chip on his shoulder - Has a point to prove and hates a lot of people. 5. The thoroughbred - He came through the academy and is 100% my boy! 6. The dreamer - his dream is to play for another club which is his home
  3. Hence the reason why I put graphics in brackets. As I read the OP there seems to be a miss-use of ME. As I understand it and read, the old skool gamer is staying that the graphics is a 'waste of resources ' (that is a very quick and brutal para-phrasing). I agree, all you need is some text at the bottom of the screen and SI could better re-deploy the resources saved. Of course a match engine has always been there. Not the graphics part though. The ME is divided into many parts.
  4. After reading up on what will happen in FM21 and COVID, i have a few mixed feelings but mostly a positive stance. 1. Disappointed that crowds will be allowed from the beginning. Takes away realism and a staggered approach could have been adopted in order to add realism to the COVID situation. ......The financial struggle is real and it should be depicted in the game. Re-working the transfer system with more ‘loan-to-offer’ situation etc.. is fine but that should be enough. The financial situation could improve in line with other aspects returning to normal. 2. Fair play with the star
  5. I completely agree with you and i can only assume that they made the ME (graphics) to help 'catch' a new segment of gamers.... For them it seems to be the main feature which is very apparent on forums. It was not necessary before and i like the idea of having a little highlight option but nothing more. I have never watched a game and you give good alternatives that SI could use their resources on.
  6. Hemel.... behave... that is massive. Well done sir. Epic... Hemel Hempstead. Did Hendon FC or Wingate & Finchley go up with you as well ??
  7. Cool post and great question. I regret not taking the Westham job in season 4 on my international management save. After 3.5yrs in club management I was given a chance as a national team manager. I took it, but kept looking back at my beloved Irons. Westham were in deep relegation and they needed help. They offered me the job to keep them up. I declined in order to focus on the next step of my career which I always love and that is national team management. They were relegated and I always regret that I did not help.
  8. When you hit the 'bigger times' and your reputation increases, you will get more diverse job oppportunities. I don't think the manager of Halifax or Carlise is going to be offered a job in any big major league (top tier) from around the world. It is a process, its a long process. In a smaller 'lesser' league / country you can develop or build your reputation quicker which is to be expected. Its the same when you go over from club management to National Team management. I always have to start off with a lower country (China, Mexico, Russia, Jamacia) then you prove yourself and
  9. My feeling after reading this thread is that people make the game harder via self-imposed restrictions. As a result, the game itself is easy because we have to make it harder by making up extra rules. Expressions like "there is always a way to make it harder" just highlight that the game itself is easy.
  10. I go with cups in the early stages but I also give the league cup to the youths until the quarter-final stage. Then the big boys take over. I can use easy home games as well.... let the fringe players stretch their legs. Mostly with prospects I have a loan out policy once they have out grown the u23 squad. It's the big test in the one of the big leagues around the world or a stiff physical test in the championship.
  11. Referring to Neil Brock’s statement / post …. All delay is with reference to COVID-19 and what to include or not include. For example, planning schedules, league rules, transfer window rules etc.. It’s not just been harder from a production perspective – it doesn’t help that the world of football that we aim to simulate in our games is also in such a world of flux. Some leagues have confirmed their plans, some are still up in the air (although we are very much ‘in the loop’ with many of the possible decisions), the transfer window has moved in England at least, there are new emergency rul
  12. 100% i agree with you. The player has been given a new deal, which he has earned, as a result of your demand to see more. Therefore, he has no need to have such a contradicting status as you have highlighted. very very strange!
  13. Hi, It has been discussed on here before and it looks like it will be included in the new FM21 game which i am vrery happy about. There are many on here this forum who are not happy about it but so far, it looks like it will have some impact on the FM21 game
  14. I would say that @HUNT3R has a very valid point here. I will try to say this as fair as i can. I have noticed that when you do as the OP said (on FM20), there is a highly likelihood of the other team scoring so in connection with Hunt3r's post i would say the following: 1. Do not change your tactics just ride out the game with the tactics you have. 2. Never change your team instructions to defend deep (leave wingers up or at the half-way line). 3. change players to waste time but plan your moment to make the substition......i have a life-long theory....never change players w
  15. i honestly don't know how that is possible......i have never seen that before. Did you do anything to annoy the player?
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