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  1. A 442 ALL CUPS posted some pages ago. Offensive home, POSITIVE away Really good tactic with strong teams.
  2. Have been using Knaps HolyGhost Fire, such a good tactic. Offensive home, positive away. Shouts helps a lot I guess. Btw I know Juventus are great but they're pretty old team, Costa is like 20 prone ahahahhaha But with accurate rotation you can avoid them, of course as long as the subs level is not so much farer... Went unbeating in Serie A, 36 wins and 2 draw, scored 135 and 27 conceded, won Champions League with just 2 losses, Ronaldo broke severals record, 18 goals in UCL with 6 scored in just one match... broke Messi record against Bayer Leverkusen. Won balon d'or. He's still top class, i guess he lost just 10 point in current ability, incredible. Lost to quarters in Italian Cup but i didn't really care about it so played mostly subs and youngsters...1-2 game against Fiorentina was crazy, dominated them but they scored and we miss open sitters... Now I renewed a bit as them are old and on rich salaries... Donnarumma and Sané were on sale so good deals, I hope to avoid injury prone by a lot of rotation... Cancelo far better than Danilo...Offsold half of old team, got 79 milions for Rabiot, 58 for old Pipita HIguain, De Sciglio for 48 milions, Danilo 68 milions...
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